Best Mics for Sony A6400 – (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Sony A6400 is a budget-friendly APS-C mirrorless camera. It’s packed with some really great features on a budget. Now in order to produce top-notch content from this camera, you need a great microphone as this camera is. So in this post, we’ve compiled the list of the best mics for Sony A6400 with buying guide so you can pick the best one.

A6400 is an upgraded version of the popular A6300 and Sony has put a lot into it, and it comes with tons of improvements from the previous version. It is ideal for Photographers, and Videographers as well. You can use it as your travel or sports camera because it has a really nice Auto Focus ability.

Because Sony A6400 is a compact and reliable camera, you cannot put a bulky microphone on it. So, In order to get amazing quality videos with clean and crisp audio, you need to have a lightweight and compact microphone

All our top picks suit your need and are the absolute best mics for Sony A6400. We’ve researched a lot and found some great and affordable options for you that you can use in any situation. We’ve considered all the important factors to pick these mics.

First of all the microphone should be compact as we mentioned before. And the other thing that should be considered is, it should be lightweight so you can carry it out while traveling or for sports shoots. And lastly and obviously it should sound warm and clean.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into our top picks for today. You can navigate to the products from the table below. Then we’ll review these picks one by one and discuss why we’ve considered these for Sony A6400.

Top 3 Best Mics for Sony A6400

ImageProductDetails  Price
01Rode VideoMicroType: Shotgun
Polar Pattern: Condenser
Remarks: Good Sounding
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Deity V-Mic D3Deity V-Mic D3Type: Shotgun
Polar Pattern: Condenser
Remarks: super cardioid pickup
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04Rode VideoMic Pro+Type: Shotgun
Polar Pattern: Condenser
Remarks: Top-Notch
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Now let’s review these microphones to see the specs, features, pros, and cons of these microphones. So, you can decide what they have to offer. And in the buying guide, we’re gonna conclude everything so you pick the best mic for Sony A6400.

Rode VideoMicro | The Best Mic for Sony A6400

best mics for sony a6400

Rode is one of the most popular microphones brands and their mics are always versatile. VideoMicro is Rode’s compact and affordable microphone for vloggers.

It’s ultra-compact and lightweight and comes with all-metal construction and a pop filter / dead cat that helps a lot in reducing noise and junks to get better audio if you’re recording in a windy environment or outdoor.

This is a shotgun condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern + no controls on the microphone. It comes with a 3.5mm jack so you can put it directly into your camera.

Features of the Rode VideoMicro

The first thing and the biggest selling point of this microphone is it doesn’t require a battery, yeah you heard it right. You don’t need to worry about its power because when you connect it to your camera or smartphone, it’ll automatically get powered.

It’s amazing for vloggers, YouTubers, and for those who record from a reliable distance. But if you record from a long distance, then you’ll need a lavalier microphone. So this is ideal for vloggers.

The thing I like about this microphone is, it picks up the audio where you are pointing at. And rejects the audio which is coming from the right, left, or back. It sometimes helps a lot when you just wanna capture from the front of the mic.

Design & Build Quality

It’s pretty lightweight and compact so it won’t be noticeable when you’re shooting in a crowd or something. It has a good slim design and a nice build quality that we can expect from Rode. If you’re gonna use it with your camera, it’s absolutely fine.

But for smartphones, you’ll need the Rode SC7 Adapter, to connect it to your phone. Any other brand adapter won’t work. You’ll have to use Rode’s original adapter.

VideoMicro has a good shock mount included that’s super helpful if you’re a vlogger. It’ll absorb the shocks and bumps from your audio if you’re moving the camera around, and overall produces clean and deep audio.

It does have a hot shoe /cold shoe mount so you put it onto a tripod. Now here is something that’s a bit annoying, which is you don’t have adjustable power levels.

If you need a good-sounding microphone on a budget, this is the highlighted choice for you, with its compactness and reliable weight, budget, and obviously good audio.

Read the Ultimate Rode VideoMicro Review.

But if you can spend more and want more power from the microphone, then you can go for a bit high-end model that we’ll mention in this article.

  • Spectacular sound quality
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Budget friendly
  • Good Build quality
  • Shock Absorbtion
  • No controls on the microphone

Deity V-Mic D3 | The Best Budget Option

best mics for sony a6400

Deity Microphones has produced some really impressive mics in the recent past. Here we’ve selected Deity’s V-Mic D3 which is a pretty good option when we talk about the best on-camera microphones.

Now, this mic does come with some on mic controls. The off-axis sound rejection offers good noise control. It comes with a Signal to Noise Ration (SNR) of 78dB which is perfect for noise rejection. V-Mic D3 uses a cardioid pickup pattern that we see often in the shotgun microphones category.

Design & Features of Deity V-Mic D3

It’s a cardioid directional microphone that means it will pick the sound from the front so basically, it’s a point-and-go microphone. Just point it to your subject and you’re good to go. It contains an incredible AAA battery that can last from 150 hours to 208 hours.

You also get an On Stand-By Mode that can last up to 6300 hours. Overall it’s a little bit bigger than Rode’s VideoMicro but because of its On-Mic controls, we can compromise. Despite being a bit bigger, yet it’s pretty lightweight and durable.

Deity V-Mic D3 is ideally designed for Filmmaking, but it’s really good for vlogging and obviously one of the best mics for Sony A6400.

If if you’re on a limited budget and wanna get a perfect and compact on-camera mic for you sony A6400 D3 is a perfect option.

  • Good sound depth
  • High SPL & SNR
  • Lightweight & Affordable
  • Amazing battery life
  • Nothing, it’s good in this proce range.

Rode VideoMic Pro+ | Ideal for Vlogging, Sports

best mics for sony a6400

This is Rode’s most popular and top-quality microphone in the industry. It is a high-end microphone from the Rode VideoMic series. Actually, this is an upgraded version of Rode VideoMic Pro which was a successful mic in the vlogging industry.

Pro+ comes with a lot of features. Though it’s a little bit bigger than the previous version of this mic it’s packed with some great and handy filters. I recommend this microphone if you’ve no issues with a budget and you wanna get an All-In-One microphone solution.

Design, Features & Specs of Rode VideoMic Pro+

It has come with a nice design as we see in some other shotgun microphones. On the back of the microphone, you’ll get a power button, high pass filter, and output levels.

It comes with an external cable, it’s not built-in anymore. It’s good to have an external cable because if it gets damaged, you have an option to replace the cable instead of sending your mic to get fixed.

It does come with a AA rechargeable battery with up to 100 hours of usage on a single charge, that’s insanely amazing. There is an indicator on the battery that indicates that the battery is getting low, but you still have all most 10 hours.

Now the feature I like about this microphone is, It’s auto ON/OFF ability. You don’t need to turn it on manually, just connect it to your camera, and when you turn on your camera, the microphone will automatically be powered on.

Its high pass filter is pretty useful and helps reduce buzz and noise in you’re recording in a noisy environment. VideoMic Pro+ comes with a cardioid polar pattern and will record where you’re pointing it.

It’s almost perfect for everything YouTube, Vlogging, Interviews, Filmmaking, Podcasting, Sports, and so on. You can use it on your camera, camcorders, tripod, and a boom pole or anywhere you want.

It comes with a preinstalled windscreen that works fine but if you’re recording in a too noisy condition, the windscreen gets useless, and you’ll have to take care of it. So this is a downside of this mic but apart from that, it’s amazing and worth buying on this budget.

So, if we talk about a reliable and top-quality microphone for filmmakers, YouTubers and vloggers, this mic really stands out as an absolutely versatile option. It has a lot of features, it has a good design and fantastic audio quality.

  • Spactacular sound quality
  • Intelligent power mode
  • Good design and build quality
  • Auto ON/OFF feature
  • Wind screen is not satisfying

Buyer’s Guide | The Best Mics for Sony A6400

The question here is, which microphone can be a top choice for Sony A6400. In this buyer’s guide section, we’ll discuss how you can choose the best out of our picks.

The three microphones, we’ve shared with you are the best mics for Sony A6400. It all depends on you, we’ve picked the best choices for this camera considering all the important factors. But it’s up to your budget.

The first microphones are budget-friendly and come with amazing audio quality. So if you’re on a low budget and wanna get better out of it, you can go for one of those mics.

On the other hand, if you wanna go for a top-notch option and have no problem on a budget, VideoMic Pro+ is a significant choice and work pretty nicely for everything.

All these mics are compact in size, lightweight, produce amazing audio, come with a high pass filter, anything that should be included in an on-camera microphone.

Conclusion | The Best Mics for Sony A6400

This is it from us. we hope this guide will help you pick the best microphone for sony a6400 or any other camera. They are not just the best mics for sony a6400, you can pick for any other camera you have. If you’ve any questions, post them in the comments section and we’ll definitely address your problem.

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