Best Wireless Microphone For PC & Laptops

While a quality microphone is an absolute need for streamers, singers, and podcasters, it does not always have to be wired. With the PC, users already have too many wires to hassle with, the addition of one more would only make things worse.

Hence, the wireless microphone would fit best with the PCs. We have compiled the list of some of the best wireless microphones for PC that are available on the market.

Wireless microphones not only declutter the desktop but also gives you the liberty to roam around while recording. Your movement is not limited by the connected cable.

And most importantly, all the vibrations from the desktop setup do not make it into the audio which delivers clear audio.

The point is, with the best wireless microphone for PC, your life would be much easier. So, let’s find out what is the best wireless microphone for PCs.

best wireless microphone for pc

5 Best Wireless Microphone For PC & Laptops

ImageProductDetails  Price
01 KIMAFUN Wireless Microphone SystemType: Lapel
Battery Life: 6 Hours
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02 Bieturn Wireless MicrophoneType: Handheld
Battery Life: 4.5 Hours
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03 HOTEC Wireless MicrophoneType: Handheld
Battery Life: 4 Hours
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04 Pyle Wireless MicrophoneType: Handheld
Battery Life: 3 – 4 Hours
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05 Pyle Premium UHF Wireless MicrophoneType: Handheld
Battery Life: 3 – 4 Hours
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1. KIMAFUN Wireless Microphone System – All-in-One Solution That Does Not Break The Bank

KIMAFUN wireless system is a budget product that does not burden the pocket. It is an excellent unit for people who do not want to invest too much at the start of their careers. With that said, the cheaper price tag certainly does not come with a compromise on the quality. It definitely delivers a tier-above performance which has put it on this list of best wireless microphones for PC.

The system comprises a receiver and a lapel microphone that is permanently connected to the transmitter via cable. The cable is about 1.15m long and sturdy enough to withstand occasional jerks and drags. With the 3.5mm jack, the receiver can be plugged into any device that has a compatible input port. Be it PC, Smartphone, or even MacBook, the setup connects seamlessly.

USB-A adapter also comes bundled in the package which can be used to split the port for headphones and the microphone. For devices that do not have 3.5mm output, an adapter can be used but it does compromise the audio quality a little. the 6.35mm adapter is also part of the package which comes in handy in the studios. With this first-party adapter, users can plug the receiver directly into amplifiers, audio mixers, and outdoor speakers.

best wireless microphone for pc

The point is, everything that you can possibly need to set up the microphone with multiple devices is included in the package.

The microphone uses a 2.4G signal to transmit the audio from one end to another. And the quality of sound is quite decent considering the price tag. The most noticeable feature is the minimal latency period. It takes only about 0.2 seconds to transmit the audio within the working range which is hardly noticeable. Furthermore, there are no interferences, radiation in addition to high signal stability.

The overall sound quality is loud, clear, interference-free, and has high fidelity.

The set-up uses a condenser mic, a highly sensitive type that is great for vocal recording, podcasts, and voiceovers. Such mics are known for maintaining the tone of audio and hence fit perfectly for the mentioned users.

Moving on, the one feature that really troubles the users of wireless mics is the battery capacity. Fortunately, this particular setup provides a long backup of about 6 hours. However, it also takes a little more time for charging which is something users must be mindful about. And a charger with below 5V can prolong the charging even more.

To sum it all up, it is an all-in-one solution for the users who are just starting out. Everything about the microphone is well-above par except for a little caveat that is charging time.

  • Affordable price-tag
  • Complete package
  • Decent audio quality
  • Sturdy construction
  • Good-enough working range
  • Takes too long to charge

2. Bieturn Wireless Microphone – Completes Your Karaoke Set Up

Bieturn wireless microphone is a must-have device for streamers, singers, and karaoke owners. Do not take my word for it, the system has received over 4.5 ratings from more than 5,400 buyers. It is arguably the most popular wireless microphone on the market and not without reason.

The unit consists of a handheld microphone and a receiver that connects with an amplifier or any other similar device. What makes it an appealing product is that the transmitter is installed within the microphone itself. Thus, there is no cable coming out which makes it highly convenient to use.

The working range of the unit is about 160ft which is more than enough unless you have to use it in big venues like stadiums. Since it comes without any cables you can freely roam around without worrying about a wire that comes out of microphones.

The overall construction is pretty sturdy thanks to the metal that has been used to build it. Handheld mics often encounter accidental drops but you can rest assured that it would not sustain any damage. The only thing you would have to worry about are the few scratches here and there.

The receiver comes with a 3.5mm audio jack which allows you to connect with a PC conveniently. And for those devices that do not support this jack, you can always use adapters. The point is, you would not encounter any issues as far as connectivity is concerned.

Moving on, the microphone in the unit is dynamic which is known for capturing ambiance sound. In addition to being sensitive, these mics can capture loud sound without producing any distortion. And it is what makes them the best choice for musicians who work with loud instruments like drums and electric guitars.

The overall sound quality of the microphone is solid, it is clear, has no radiation, and delivers the sound with minimal latency.

The battery gives about 4.5 hours on a full charge which is a bit disappointing but it charges up pretty quickly compared to other microphones so that makes up for it. But you must be mindful that the unit does not come with the batteries built-in. You have to purchase them separately.

  • No cable between transmitter and microphone
  • Charges up quickly
  • Sturdy construction
  • Can record loud sounds
  • Easy connectivity
  • Battery backup average could have been better

3. HOTEC Wireless Microphone – Use Two Microphones Simultaneously Without Encountering Interferences.

HOTEC Wireless Microphone is a setup that suits the podcasters best. It is a dual-mic setup that sends the signals to a single receiver. And the best part is, the transmitter is built-in to the mic itself which means there is no cable coming out of it.

It is also one of the most durable wireless microphones that are available on the market. It uses Aluminium which strengthens the unit but at the same time does not add much weight to it. The speakers can hold it for as long as they want without getting tired.

The working range of the microphone is about 100 feet in open areas but it increases when you are using it indoors. But even 100 feet would be good enough for most people.

What sets the microphone apart is that it offers 25 channels for the transmission of audio. And because of that, the two-mic setup works really well. It delivers clear audio because of the minimal interference between the signals of each microphone. The sound transmission is also fast and the mic does not provide feedback which is great for users.

It is a dynamic mic that can be used to capture really loud sounds. And it is why this particular mic can be used to record loud instruments, live performances, and other audio where you want to capture the ambiance. As the best wireless microphone for computers, it also works well for streaming online videos and singing when you are live on your account.

The receiver uses an XLR port by default which would make it really convenient if you own a studio. All you have to do is to plug the XLR into the amplifier or mixer and it will start working. But HOTEL has got you covered even if you want to use it on a PC. It would not be the best wireless microphone for computers if it didn’t come with the XLR to 3.5mm adapter. You can use this adapter to make a seamless connection of the microphone with the PC.

Probably the best part of this microphone is an omnidirectional polar pattern. This pattern allows the sound to be captured only when it is directly pointed at the active part of the microphone. All the other noise does not make it into the audio as the polar pattern rejects it. Thus, you get audio that is free of interference and has clarity in it. The windshield is also included in the package that comes in handy while recording outdoors.

  • Durable microphone
  • 25 channels
  • Noise cancellation with unidirectional pattern
  • Adapters are included in the package
  • Short working range
  • Battery backup could have been better

4. Pyle Wireless Microphone- USB Connector Spares The Audio Jack For Headphones

Pyle has a special place when it comes to wireless mics for computers because of its design. It is a head-worn design that the users can wear all day and deliver clear audio to the audience. Vocalists and podcasters would find it an absolute delight.

Well, one could argue that a lapel microphone also works well for streamers and you would be right. But what makes these microphones even better is that they always remain close to the sound source. And that is why they are able to deliver an accurate and precise tone and pitch to the audience. This is why it is one of the best wireless mics for computers, especially for vocalists and podcasters.

The mouthpiece has sturdy-built properties. It can be molded however you want without damaging it. And it stays there so when you use it the next time you do not have to adjust it again.

The microphone has a working range of about 60 feet which seems short but when you look at the target audience it makes sense. It is designed for the streamers who have to sit in front of the PC. Therefore, 60 feet is good enough for them. It gives them the liberty to move around freely and most importantly do not add to the cluttering of wires.

The receiver connects directly with the PC thanks to the USB connection. It not only makes the connection easier but also spares the 3.5mm port which can be used to connect headphones. Headphones and the mic can be worn simultaneously without getting uncomfortable. The weight of the microphone is only about 0.16 pounds which means after a few minutes it would even feel as if it is there. And that is one of the reasons that make it one of the best wireless mics for computers.

Another reason that makes it the best wireless USB microphone for PC is that it offers a wide frequency range. It captures every detail and makes the sound more natural which is exactly what singers and musicians look for. The cherry on top? An acoustic filter is also included in it which makes the sound even more mesmerizing.

 Furthermore, the microphone operates via rechargeable batteries which last about 3-4 hours. It is not enough but you can attach a battery pack to extend the power. Plus, the microphone charges up relatively quickly so I guess that makes up for it. Nonetheless, it is an issue that needs to be worked on.

Overall, it is quite a decent product, the best wireless USB microphone for PC. It comes with an affordable price tag and has all the features that a streamer, singer or podcaster would need. The sound quality is clear and natural. The only issue is with the battery which can be worked around.

  • Light-weight
  • USB connection spares the audio jack
  • Wide frequency range
  • Sensitive mic
  • 3.5mm line connector is included
  • Low battery average

5. Pyle Premium UHF Wireless Microphone – Versatile and Sturdy Unit

Pyle Premium is a hand-held microphone with a USB connector and one of the best wireless microphones for computers. It is ideal for vocalists, singers, and people who record podcasts. The unit comprises a USB receiver and a mic. The transmitter is present within the mic, hence there is no cable coming out of it.

We have dropped it multiple times during our testing and besides a few scratches, it didn’t sustain any damages. It is one of the most durable microphones that are available within the same price bracket.

The microphone offers a very wide frequency range from 40Hz to 15Khz which makes it ideal for the vocalist. Thanks to the wider range, you would be able to record even the tiny details of the voice. And with the natural response, you would get clear and sharp results.

Furthermore, the microphone is good enough to differentiate the sound source from the noise. If you are using an application to dictate text, you would have no problem even when there are people around you. It has this great ability to distinguish the sound source from background noise.

As mentioned earlier, it connects via a USB port which makes the connectivity easier. But if you need to connect it with devices with XLR or 3.5mm port, you can do that as well using simple adapters. It certainly compromises the quality of output but that is not too significant to become noticeable.

The working range of the mic is about 60 feet which do not seem enough. But if you use the Bluetooth microphone for computers they also have a similar range and most people make it work. Chances are you would make this work as well. And by the way, 60 feet only looks short on paper, trust me, even in a church full of 400 people, it would work for even the person sitting at the end.

Another feature that makes it one of the best wireless microphones for computers is its power-saving properties. The microphone turns itself off when it is not in use. And when you want to use it again you would have to switch it off and then turn it back on. Given that it does not offer a longer backup time, this is quite an innovative feature.

The overall performance of the microphone is quite decent. Thanks to its wider frequency range it captures every detail. And it delivers the sound without any distortion. An acoustic filter is also included in the package which makes the sound even better especially when someone is singing into it.

The microphone also works well with light instruments like acoustic guitars and pianos. As for the louder instruments, you may experience some distortion. But nonetheless, it does not disappoint.

Bottom line is, it is a great product especially when you take the price tag into perspective. It is versatile, durable, and most importantly delivers clear audio. Honestly, this is all one asks from a device within this price bracket.

  • Affordable price tag
  • Delivers clear audio
  • Comes with battery conservation mechanism
  • Sturdy built quality
  • USB connection
  • Does not provide enough battery backup
  • Shorter working range

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Buyers Guide For The Best Wireless Computer Microphone

To find the best wireless microphone for a PC there are some things that you need to be aware of and certain things that you must look for. In this section we will enlist some of those factors and features:

1. Why Do You Need a Wireless Microphone?

Microphones come in all sizes and shapes and not all of them are intended for the same audience. For example, a handheld microphone would not suit the streamers. Similarly, a head-worn or lapel microphone would not look great on a singer. Thus, it is important to establish what you want to do and look for the microphone accordingly.

2. Battery Life

Battery life is the most important feature to look at in the microphone. Because otherwise, it would not even make sense to get a wireless microphone. If you have to plug it in every hour it is useless. A decent microphone provides at least 3-4 hours of operation. If it is anything below that, do not go for it.

3. Latecny Period

The latency period is the time a signal takes from being transferred to the time it is received. The longer this period, the longer the delay time would be. And a microphone with a longer latency period may work in recording, it would be a total nuisance when it comes to live performances. Thus, always make sure that the microphone that you are getting has minimal latency.

4. Type of Microphone

Generally, there are two types of microphones, the condenser and the dynamic. The condensers are more sensitive and record the sound with great accuracy. But they produce a distorted sound when subjected to loud sounds. Dynamics, on the other hand, can record loud sounds but do not perform as well when it comes to the details.

Thus, sort of your priorities and make the choice of microphone accordingly.

Conclusion – Best Wireless Microphone For PC

We hope this article has helped you in finding the best wireless microphone for PC or at least has narrowed down your options. This is all that we had on the best wireless microphone for PC. If there is anything that you want to add or ask, let us know in the given section. We would love to respond. Thank you!

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