Best Wireless Microphones for Fitness Instructors

Post-pandemic, people have become used to the concept of home gyms; it has become quite a popular phenomenon. Gym and fitness instructors also had to adapt, and so most of them have switched to digital media.

It has become a norm for fitness trainers to have a YouTube channel or presence on other video platforms to offer tutorials of exercises to their clients. 

Typically, the people who are new to the platform care more about video than audio, but audio is just as important. You would need the best wireless microphones for fitness instructors to make your video tutorial more captivating and engaging. 

Best Wireless Microphones for Fitness Instructors

I know microphones are tough devices to understand, and someone coming from an entirely different horizon would struggle to find the best-suited device.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best wireless microphones for fitness instructors by keeping all important factors in perspective. Let’s get to them, but before that, let’s take a look at some basic features of the selected microphones.

10 Best Wireless Microphones for Fitness Instructors

Shure SM31FH FitnessHeadsetCondenser
Phenyx Pro HandheldDynamic
Audio-Technica System HandheldDynamic
Beitrun UHF Wireless LavalierCondenser
Beitrun UHF LavalierCondenser
PYLE-PRO Headset + Speaker Condenser
AKG ProHeadsetCondenser

1. Shure SM31FH Fitness Headset Microphone Wireless


Shure SM31 SH is the first product to make it to our list for the right reasons. It holds the tag of Amazon’s choice, which speaks volumes about its quality against the price tag. Not exaggerating, but this product certainly lives up to Shure’s reputation.

For starters, it has an incredible design, built to be worn for hours without getting tired. It is made of a light and breathable material that weighs about 0.4 pounds. 

Furthermore, its weatherproof design makes it suitable for trainers who like to conduct their sessions outdoors. It is sweat-resistant too.

Thus, no matter how exhausting the exercises get, the microphone will not experience any malfunction. You would appreciate just how light the microphone feels while working with it. It is not only about weight but also the discreet profile that makes you almost forget about it.

Sound Quality

As for the sound quality, it is as good as it can get in this price range and design. The frequency response is tailored for the musicians but works well for the tutorials. It captures clean audio and reproduces crisp results.

Every bit of the speech is recorded and delivered with absolute clarity. Moreover, the omnidirectional pattern ensures that it does not capture background noise or other environmental interference.

On the downside, you have to constantly monitor whether the mouthpiece is facing toward your mouth because otherwise, it does not record.

However, it would not be much of a problem with this product because it can hold its shape. So once you have adjusted it according to your preferences, it should stay like that unless you change its shape again.


Setting it up is also smooth sailing, as it comes with a secure connector. You will have to purchase a wireless bodypack system separately, which bums me out. Anyways, it is not that expensive and easily available. 

Lastly, it has a simple but intuitive on-and-off switch, allowing you to conserve battery while it is not in use and offer more convenience during use.


  • Lightweight and discreet design
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Tailored frequency response
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Excellent for outdoors


  • Does not come with a wireless bodypack system
  • The tight pattern might not record if it does not face toward the sound source

2. Phenyx Pro Handheld Dynamic Mics

Dynamic Microphone

Gym instructors looking for something to train the live classes of a high number of people also require a sound system and a microphone is an instrumental part of it.

You need a unit that can capture and deliver your voice with absolute clarity and minimal latency to make yourself heard even in large rooms.

While it can also be used for recording, since it is a dynamic microphone, it works best as part of the sound amplifying system.

Affordable Price Tag

The best bit about this microphone is its affordable price tag. I mean, not often do you get two quite capable microphones at a price under $150.

Furthermore, the wireless range is also decent at about 328ft, which is enough for trainers, even those who work or arrange sessions in massive studios.

Another interesting use of the microphone is the recording of live sessions with trainees as part of it. It makes the video more captivating and engages more viewers.

The polar pattern is unidirectional, but you would not have to worry about it not recording as the mouthpiece always faces you unless you hold the mic upside down.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is decent, mainly because it is on this list. The frequency response is wide and flat. Plus, the maximum feedback rejection ensures the audio remains clear of noise and other interference.

I was surprised to find out that the body of this mic is made up of metal, something we don’t often see in this price bracket. It is assuring for a handheld microphone because accidental drops are quite common with them. 

Besides these, the microphone checks all the basics, including long battery life, easy setup, and all the accessories to help you start straight away.


  • Affordable price tag
  • Excellent for live session recording
  • Can double as a Karaoke microphone
  • Long battery life
  • Minimal latency


  • Sound quality is not exactly premium
  • The design could have been more ergonomic

3. Audio-Technica System 10 ATW – 1102 Wireless Handheld System

2.4 GHz Frequency

Audio-Technica 10 ATW is a piece of a system for fitness trainers who want to invest in a quality unit. Albeit a bit expensive, it is one of, if not the best handheld microphones for instructors.

It is a versatile unit that is used for live performances as well as studio recordings. The device’s highlight is its operations in the 2.4 GHz range, which minimizes interference and keeps the audio clear of distortion and noise. Furthermore, it offers eight channels to be used simultaneously, another feature that puts it in the top tier.

Complete System

The system includes a portable tabletop ATW-R1100 receiver, enabling you to take it anywhere around the house, conference rooms, and broadcast studios. Essentially, it is this portability that makes this device so versatile.

You cannot only address the live audience in the gym and studios but also use the same microphone to record video tutorials for online audiences.


Furthermore, the set is extremely easy, and it comes pre-configured straight out of the box. You can start by only adjusting diversity reception; everything else is automated in this device.

The receiver and microphones sync up automatically after finding the cleanest channel. You would have to tune or scan different frequencies, which, not to mention, consumes a lot of time.

Even when the device is in use, the system monitors the activity in the 2.5 GHz Wi-Fi range. If it detects interference, it automatically switches to a different and clean frequency.

Signal Integrity

Another reason that makes it the best microphone for fitness instructors is it maximizes signal integrity via triple diversity reception. It is important while organizing large sessions with hundreds of people, especially outdoors, such as Yoga.

The system uses space diversity, time diversity, and frequency diversity, which in English means that instead of using one signal, it sends out two, and the receiver selects the best one of them to maintain signal strength.


  • Excellent signal strength
  • Portable unit
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Free from interface and noise
  • Advanced automation


  • Expensive price tag
  • The range could have been better

4. Beitrun UHF Wireless Lavalier Lapel Microphone System

Affordable Microphone

Beitrun UHF Wireless is a no-brainer device for those who are running tight on budget but want a decent wireless mic for fitness instructors. I mean, just look at the spec sheet and then compare it against the price tag that is well under $40; you would realize the sheer value you get from it.  


While it is a lavalier microphone at its core, it can be used as a headset and handheld microphone as well. And don’t worry; everything needed to convert this unit into another device is included in the package.

Furthermore, it offers 25 UHF bands, adjustable volume, and a working range of 165 feet, far higher than the $350 microphone we discussed earlier. 

Most instructors should get this device for the design alone. You see, it makes you versatile; you can wear it as a headset for training that involves moving a lot and as a lavalier microphone when you only have to instruct.

The point is you can switch the device into different modes at your convenience, again, something that is not even available in premium and high-end models.

Sound Quality

As for the sound quality, I would not say it is incredible, but it is not too bad. For most instructors, it will do a decent enough job.

The microphone compensates for its lacking with other features, some that are mentioned earlier, and others including connectivity and incredible battery performance.

You can connect it to an amplifier, smartphone, laptop, or basically every device that allows sound input from other devices.

As for the battery, it takes only two hours to charge completely and lasts for more than 6 hours. incredible, isn’t it?


  • Affordable unit
  • Highly versatile
  • Offers superior convenience
  • Connects with almost all devices
  • Incredible working range


  • Not as sturdy
  • Sound quality is not exceptional

5. Beitrun UHF Wireless Microphone Headset

Budget Friendly

The next up on our list of the best microphone for exercise instructors is again from Beitrun, and guess what … It is even cheaper.

Not just that, the product is a best seller on Amazon, which speaks for the quality of the unit. It probably provides the best value for the money, perhaps more value than you spend. 

While it shares some features with the product listed above, the audio quality is much better on this device. Like the earlier mentioned microphone, it offers an excellent working range of 160ft, low latency, and incredible battery performance.


Despite the lower price, the sound quality is better, mainly because of the anti-howling and anti-interference technologies that have been incorporated into it.

I still would not say it is comparable to high-end or even medium-range microphones, but it performs a decent enough job. It is good enough for most instructors.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is better mainly because it features a high-sensitivity condenser, which is superior in capturing and delivering clear and high-definition audio.

That said, it might not perform as well in a noisy atmosphere and in an environment with a lot of interference. While the microphone has a unidirectional polar pattern, it still picks up environmental noise. Thus, it is best that you record sessions in a quiet room to get the best results.


Like the earlier mentioned product, it is also compatible with various devices, including audio mixers, PA systems, DVD players, desktops, speakers, and even cameras. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Apple devices, but there are third-party applications that can help you work around it. 


Setting up the system is super easy. You have to turn on the transmitter and long press the “+” button till the blue light flashes. It will automatically connect with the receiver, and the blue light will stop flashing.

Obviously, there are some limitations to this device, which can be understood given the price tag. However, largely, the device is quite capable, and the price tag certainly makes it one of the top picks when discussing the best wireless microphone for fitness instructors.


  • Cheap price tag
  • Feature-rich microphone
  • Excellent connectivity
  • Easy to set up
  • Versatile applications


  • There is room for improvement in sound quality
  • Delicate construction

6. PYLE-PRO Portable PA Speaker Voice Amplifier

Complete Solution

If you love to hold Yoga or exercise sessions at different places with a large audience, this product is right up your alley. You see, no matter how powerful or capable the microphone is, it requires speakers to reproduce the sound in live sessions.

Unfortunately, it is the biggest limiting factor to holding your exercise sessions in different places. While you may have portable microphones, you would not always have portable speakers that it can connect to.

And even if you have the speakers and microphones, the package becomes too bulky to move without experiencing inconvenience.

Affordable Price

PYLE-Pro has attempted a solution by delivering a portable PA speaker Voice amplifier with a larger microphone. Thus, you can take this device anywhere and start your workout sessions. And the best bit? The whole system costs under $40. I was also surprised to see such a friendly price tag.

Sound Quality

Again, devices like that are not known for producing or recording crisp audio but for getting the job done. See, while you require absolute clarity while recording a video, precision or crispness is not required for live audiences. All you need do is to make yourself heard by a large audience, and this product gets that done.

Other Features

Furthermore, the company has not tried to overdo the device. It understands its limitations and purposes, and almost all of the work has been done to improve convenience.

For example, it comes with a waistband strap that can be worn through a belt loop to carry the system more conveniently. Furthermore, it is equipped with a 7.4V, 1600 mAH Lithium battery that offers up to 8 hours of backup and takes a couple of hours to charge completely. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Portable
  • Easy to set up
  • Decent volume


  • Fragile built
  • Sound quality is below-par

7. AKG Pro Audio Wireless Headset Microphone


AKG Pro is a premium and high-end wireless headset microphone that is seemingly built for fitness instructors. The headset is very light, making it comfortable to wear for a long time during long workout sessions.

Furthermore, the fitting of the headset is simply incredible, mainly because it is adjustable. So, it remains fit on the head even when you are running around.


Another reason that makes it the best wireless mic for fitness instructors is its durability. You see, during workouts, the work phone also experiences a fair share of abuse.

It can either be because of your sweat or the environmental conditions where you are working out. Plus, there are accidental drops as well.

However, the sturdy construction and weather-resistant design ensure that it can withstand all of that and comes out strong.

Working Range

Furthermore, the mic features an incredible range of about 200 feet and there are hardly any gym rooms that are bigger than that.

So, you do not have to worry about your voice reaching the trainees. AKG is known for delivering high-quality products, which becomes evident the moment you use this microphone.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is crisp and sharp. Plus, it features a unidirectional polar pattern with maximum off-axis rejection. So, whether you are speaking to the audience in a room or via video recording, it will ensure that they understand what you are trying to say. 

The only downside to this unit is the lack of a battery level indicator on the microphone. It would have been a great addition, but you generally do not have to worry about the battery backup because it lasts a solid 6-8 hours.


  • Comfortable headset
  • Sweatproof design
  • Durable construction
  • High-quality sound


  • A battery level indicator would have been nice

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Wireless Mic For Fitness Instructors

The purpose of the list was to narrow down your options, but if you’re still confused about what to pick and exactly how to pick, this section is for you. Let’s look at the factors you should take into account while purchasing a microphone for exercise instructors.

Types of Microphones

The market offers a variety of microphones in different shapes and with different features. You must analyze them carefully and pick the one that suits you the best. We have the ultimate guide on the Types of Microphones.

See, if you have to move a lot during your sessions a handheld microphone will not work. It will be highly inconvenient to work with them. You will be better off with headset microphones or the lavalier ones. 

In contrast, if you deliver the instruction without moving around much, handheld microphones will work the best. You will not feel the discomfort of wearing the headset all day long.

Audio Quality

Audio quality also depends on the purpose of the microphone. You would require better quality if you want something to record your sessions.

In contrast, if the sole purpose is to make your voice reach the audience during live and in-person sessions, any loud sound system will get the job done.


When looking for the best wireless mic for fitness instructors, comfort is something you should never overlook. You see, as a fitness instructor you have to host multiple sessions, and if the microphone is not comfortable, you can quickly fatigue leading to a decline in performance. Thus, you should look for the fit and overall shape of the microphone to ensure it keeps you comfortable while you are in those sessions.


Lastly, the budget is perhaps the most important factor when looking for the best wireless mic for fitness instructors. You must know how much you can spare for a microphone and make a list of features that are important to you. Explore the market and look for the unit that offers all the features you need without needing to over budget.

Conclusion – Best Wireless Mic For Fitness Instructors

While looking for the best wireless mic for fitness instructors, one has to undertake a lot of factors under consideration. You have to ensure it feels comfortable, has decent enough sound quality, and more importantly is portable. If either of these features is missing, the users will experience all sorts of inconveniences.

That said, no single microphone will be suitable for all instructors because everyone has different preferences. However, if you understand the different features and their exact purpose, you will make the right choice. We hope this article has helped. Thank you!

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