Blue Spark Microphone Review [The Detailed Analysis]

Looking for a comprehensive review of the blue spark microphone? This is the exact guide you are searching for.

Blue Spark is probably the first recommendation one gets from one’s peers while setting up a new studio. However, you must carry out your own due diligence before making the final decision. This article, blue spark microphone review, would help you in the process.

For this article, we dug deep, read what the people have been saying about it and also tested it by ourselves. What you are going to be reading next in the blue spark microphone review has been concluded after carrying out a series of tests and analyzing the online reviews.

Frankly speaking, this is one of the best microphones that we have tested or came across. The cherry on the top is the price tag it comes with; it is not cheap but it surely is reasonable. The microphones with the same features come at a much higher cost than this. It is probably why the blue spark microphone is Amazon’s choice on

However, the question is, is this microphone really good or is it just hype. You would get to know the answer and much more in the next sections of blue spark microphone review.

Before going into detailed blue spark microphone review, let’s take a closer look at the specification of this product.

Blue Spark Microphone | Specs

Polar PatternCardioid
Connector TypeXLR, USB
No. of Channels1
Signal to Noise Ratio73 dB
Frequency Response20 Hz- 20 kHz
Sensitivity34.9 mV/Pa at 1 kHz (1pa= 94dB)
Impedance50 ohms
Power Requirement+48V DC Phantom Power
Maximum SPL136 dB
Pad-20 dB

So, who is this Blue Spark Microphone For?

When you take a closer look at the specifications of this microphone it becomes evident that it is pointed at people who need high clarity in their audios. The polar pattern, sensitivity and frequency response, everything is pointed at the audience that wants extreme clarity.

Thus, it is fair to say that the blue spark microphone is targeted at musicians, voiceover artists, and vocalists. In fact, it is this very audience that has made this microphone one of the highly successful and popular microphones in the market.

However, it does not mean that it does not have its fair share of cons. The individuals who are going to make the purchase should be mindful of the following pros and cons.

  • Very clear audio
  • Excellent sensitivity
  • Wide and flat frequency response
  • Low impedance
  • Filter pad is included
  • Shock mount is included
  • Large diaphragm
  • Strong thumbs are needed to tighten the shock mount
  • Not Good enough for loud instruments
  • High sensitivity might be a problem sometimes

Blue Spark Microphone Review- The Detailed Analysis

As of now you must have gotten an idea about the blue spark, in the next sections we will examine this microphone in detail, the good the bad, everything about the Blue Spark Microphone.

The Good in Blue Spark Microphone Review

blue spark microphone review

1. Design of Blue Spark

Design is the first thing that one notices in pretty much every piece of electronics. And as always Blue Spark has not disappointed. The company has stuck to the ideology that “why fix it if it ain’t broken?”, which is why you would notice a familiar design.

It follows the blue cosmetic theme which basically is to put a saucer shaped capsule on the top of the body. And, the diaphragm is pretty large which gives it an edge over the traditional cardioid or unidirectional microphone.

Simply put, it is a well-thought-out and excellently executed design which is not just sturdy but good looking as well. The metallic structure feels pretty solid and the matte finish with anodized accents will definitely make a great entry into your studio.

2. Sensitivity of the Blue Spark

The Class-A discrete FET circuitry of the blue spark is what has essentially made it so good. And one of the benefits of using this circuitry is great sensitivity. The mic is capable of recording at 28mV/Pa which is good enough to record quietest of voices. Plus, the fact it has a large and wide diaphragm serves as icing on the cake.

In the nutshell, the vocalists and the voiceover artists would not have to worry about the fading of their voices.

3. Cardioid Polar Pattern

Although it might not sound like a good feature to examine in Blue Spark Microphone Review, it really is worth analyzing. Although mics claim to be cardioid or unidirectional, the general observation is, not every mic lives up to that claim. The patterns are not as tight as one would hope for which ends up distorting the audio and needs additional components.

However, fortunately, this is not the case with a blue spark microphone. The polar pattern is pretty tight and strict and does not let sounds in apart from the designated area. This again is what the vocalists and voiceover artists dig for. The ability of the microphone to block the noise sources results in clear and crisp audio.

Furthermore, the musicians that play light instruments would also be able to benefit a great deal from it. When multiple instruments are being played at the same time, the blue spark because of its tight polar pattern would be able to isolate them. Thus, you would have much more freedom and options in the post production.

4. Frequency Response

Frequency response is an essential characteristic of the microphone and determines how good a microphone really is. In order to give an accurate description of frequency response on Blue Spark Microphone Review, we have tested it again and again. And what we concluded is as follows.

As mentioned earlier in the Blue Spark Microphone Review, the frequency response is 20Hz to 20 kHz. In our testing the response curve remained within 5dB up to 15KHz. The response for the most part was flat but we noticed a mild mid-range depression. Furthermore, the results for Blue Spark Microphone Review showed no extra-ordinary peak presence. Although there were slight bumps in the 5-12 KHz range, it was nothing significant.

Overall, the microphone has a very flat response and the modifications it does to the audio are pretty subtle. This is what essentially translates into the ability to produce natural sounds. And it is the very reason why a number of vocal and voiceover artists recommend this microphone.

5. Connector Type

Although it is an obvious one, we have to mention it in order to do justice with the Blue Spark Microphone Review. The connector type in the Blue Spark is XLR which is something you would highly appreciate if you are beginners.

Most of the audio equipment in the studio uses XLR as standard port which makes it easy to connect the microphone with other devices. Plus, the quality of the audio that you get with XLR is much superior to its USB counterparts.

However, the beginners must be mindful about the fact that they would have to purchase an interface separately. And it should not be an issue as a quality interface essentially differentiates between good and bad studio.

6. Accessories

As if the microphone itself was not impressive enough, the accessories take things to the next level. It might sound surprising to you but the microphone comes with a shock mount of its own. And unlike most microphones, this shock mount is really good quality.

It effectively absorbs all the vibrations and prevents unnecessary vibrations from making it into the microphone. Plus, even if you accidentally hit the microphone you would have to worry about extra bass in the final audio. This together with the fact that it is a condenser microphone really produces a great blend.

All the noise is absorbed, all the unwanted vibrations are absorbed, what do you get in the end? A clear and crisp audio that sounds as natural as possible.

Another excellent accessory that comes with it, or let’s say the microphone comes in, is a storage container. This wooden box, in addition to keeping it organized, keeps it safe as well. Plus, it takes a very little space in the luggage which makes it travel-friendly as well.

The two other worth mentioning accessories in the Blue Spark Microphone Review are pad and low cut filters. These two accessories help you in delivering a natural audio when the conditions get intense. And they can be put to work with a simple slide of the button.

The 100 Hz low cut filter will increase the clarity by reducing the rumbles from the room and desk. Thus, in most cases you would not even need a treated room or even a protective sheet. The -20dB pad would help you by making you more clear when you touch the high notes.

All in all, the microphone itself is great but when you couple it with the accessories it really becomes a deal worth drooling over.

7. Price

As stated earlier in blue spark mic review, the price of this microphone is not cheap or anything like that. However, when you compare it with the other microphones that offer the same features you would come to think of it as a great deal. The entire package costs around 200 USD which is not cheap but despite that it is Amazon’s choice on

It simply goes on to show that the people who are getting this microphone are certainly getting the quality and value of it. Plus, the people have left really informative and positive blue spark mic reviews which is also something you should not miss out on.

The Bad in Blue Spark Microphone Review

The features of the blue spark are very appealing but not nothing is perfect and likewise the blue spark also has its fair share of cons. In this section of the blue spark sl microphone review, we will take a look at those.

1. Low SPL

As you must have noticed earlier in the specification section of the blue spark sl microphone review, it has very low SPL. Although it does not affect the intended uses of the blue spark, it certainly limits its utility spectrum. Because of this low SPL, you would not be able to record loud instruments like drums effectively. Thus, if this is something that you want, you must explore other options.

2. Weight of Blue Spark

The weight certainly adds premium touch in the electronics but it makes their handling difficult as well. At 336g, it is a considerably heavy microphone which was noticed straight away while testing it for blue spark condenser microphone review. First, it is really hard to connect the shock mount as more force is needed to tighten the screws.

Plus, in the case of accidental falls, it might produce a nasty injury on the toes of the artists. Although it is not something we usually cover in the blue spark condenser microphone review, an event like this happened in our testing, which is why we thought to include it in our blue spark condenser mic review.

Blue Spark Microphone Review- The Conclusion

In the blue spark condenser mic review we found out the microphone is really on the great ones that are available on the market. The microphone is a unique combination of good looks, excellent quality and reasonable price, a blend that is hard to find. In our series of testing for blue spark review, it showed quite promising results. And it is why the good section of the blue spark review is pretty long.

If one has to take the essence of the spark sl microphone review, it is that it produces natural audio, provides flat responses and has a really tight polar pattern. However, the spark sl microphone review also tells about the uses it should not be utilized for. And those being the very loud vocals or the loud instruments.

So, folks, this is all that we had on the blue spark microphone review. If there is anything that you feel we left out or want to add anything let us know in the given section. We would love to respond to your queries on the spark SL mic review.

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