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Rode VideoMicro Review: The Best & Budget Microphone

Rode’s microphone is probably the first thing that pops up in your suggestion when you search for an affordable and portable microphone.

However, when you dig a little deeper you would find a lot of mixed rode VideoMicro reviews on the internet. Some are full of praise while others nitpick and bring about all the bad things in the rode VideoMicro review.

We are bringing this article on rode VideoMicro review to clear up the confusion so we could make an informed choice. In this article, we would let you know everything you need to know about the given microphone.

The good and the bad, weigh both against the price tag it comes with. We hope this article on rode VideoMicro review will get answers to all your queries. And you would be able to make an informed decision regarding this microphone.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into rode VideoMicro review by looking at the specification of the given microphone.

Specifications – Rode VideoMicro Review

Frequency Response100 Hz-20 kHz
PowerSupplied by device
Weight42 gm
Polar PatternCardioid
Equivalent Noise Level20 dB-A
Maximum SPL140 dB
Sensitivity-33.0 dB
Acoustic principlePressure gradient
Connector Type3.5mm Jack
No. of Channel1

Rode VideoMicro Review: The Best & Budget

  • Durable and solid construction
  • Does not require a separate battery
  • Portable and compact
  • Affordable cost
  • The package includes a windshield and shock mount
  • Compatible with all smartphones & cameras

The overview – Rode VideoMicro Review

When you look at the specifications of the given microphone it becomes evident where it is targeted at. It is not for the professional but the individuals who need to attach a better microphone to their smartphones, and cameras for better audio quality. Simply put, it is the ideal microphone for the vlogger and other such social media influencers.

When you look at the microphone from a vlogger’s perspective, it is really made and pretty much offers everything these artists look for. It is compact, portable, and most importantly very well-constructed which makes it very travel-friendly.

However, when you look at the microphone from the perspective of professional vocalists, and voiceover artists, it is just not the right one. And it does not try to be one. The company has said out there that this microphone is for people who need something for their smartphones or cameras. So, unfortunately, this microphone would not do it for such people.

As for the people who are looking for something compact, portable, and affordable, this might seal the deal.

The good and the bad that one should expect are given below in the Rode VideoMicro review. We will dig a little deeper into the features of this microphone in the coming sections of the Rode VideoMicro review.


  • Durable and solid construction
  • Does not require a separate battery
  • Portable and compact
  • Affordable cost
  • Windshield and shock mount
  • Compatible with all smartphones and cameras


  • The lower limit of frequency response is high
  • A separate cable needs to be bought for smartphones
  • Cannot record well from a distance

The Good In Rode VideoMicro Review

The Rode VideoMicro is a really great microphone especially when you consider the price tag it comes in. You get all the necessary accessories to get this up and running and the overall quality of the microphone is definitely praise-worthy. In this section of the Rode VideoMicro review, we would discuss the feature of this microphone in detail.

Design and Construction

The overall construction and the design of the Rode VideoMicro are really sturdy and well-made. It is partly because of the all-metal construction that imparts strength to it and partly because of the brilliant craftsmanship by Road.

The design of the microphone is compact and small just 8cm long. At the front, you get a grill that would face the source of audio, and at the end, you get a 3.5mm jack that goes straight into the camera.

Furthermore, the weight of the microphone is very light at just 42gm or 1.5 ounces. This allows you to continue filming without weighing you down with its weight.

Besides that, the color scheme on the microphone provides great aesthetics. The red and black make a really great blend that complements the design of the microphone. In a nutshell, it is something that you would not shy away from mounting on the top of the camera.

Polar Pattern

The polar pattern on this microphone is cardioid or unidirectional. What it essentially means is that it can only catch the audio from one direction only.

This pattern not only clearly captures your voice but also reduces the noise from the surroundings. Thus, in the end, you would get audio that is free of all noise and is very clear in quality.

The thing about polar patterns is, that it is not always exactly as the companies claim, especially when it comes to cardioids. These are often not as tight which consequently lets the noise deteriorate the quality of audio. However, this is not the case with this microphone. The polar pattern is exactly as Rode claims.

Thus, you would get audio of very fine quality with minimal noise which would essentially improve your videography.


Sensitivity is the area where this particular microphone shines which is why it deserved a mention in the rode VideoMicro review. At -33.0 dB, it can be classified as some of the most active microphones that are available on the market.

Thus, even when you are speaking in low tones or want to whisper something, it will have no problem capturing that sound.

Furthermore, the exceptional sensitivity of the microphone would come in really handy if you want to capture the sound of nature. All you have to do is to point the mic towards the source and it will get the job done.

Battery Not Required

When it comes to electronics, the importance of batteries cannot be ignored. However, with this microphone, you would not have to worry about it.

This microphone does not need a separate battery and gets power from a smartphone or the camera. Thus, the only batteries you need to be worried about are your phones and cameras.

Moving on, unlike most such microphones, it does not drain the batteries of your smart devices too rapidly. It consumes very little power which would not be highly insignificant when you take the other power consumptions of smart devices into account.

Compatibility With Devices

The microphone connects to the cameras and smartphones via a 3.5mm jack. Thus, it is compatible with all androids that have a headphone jack and all the SLR cameras out there. However, if you want to use it on iPhones over 7, you would need a separate adapter.

The problem with using adapters is that it compromises the quality of the audio. However, fortunately, this is not the case with this microphone.

Even when you use the microphone with the adapters the quality of the audio remains the same. However, you would have to purchase the adapters separately and that might increase the overall cost of the microphone.


The Rode microphone comes with all the necessary accessories that you need to get it up and running. The most important of these accessories is the shock mount at the top of which this microphone sits.

The shock mount of this microphone uses a Rycote Lyre suspension system which helps in reducing unwanted vibration.

Consequently, those unwanted vibrations do not make it into the final audio and keep it clean from unnecessary bass or noise. The vlogger would find this feature delightful as they have to keep moving for their jobs and that is associated with jerks and bumps.

With this microphone, they would not have to worry about those bumps and the vibrations associated with them.

Furthermore, you also get a windshield from the manufacturer which also helps a great deal in reducing the wind noise around the microphone.

The point is, that there are a lot of mechanisms and components that would help to keep your audio clear of unwanted noise and vibrations. And this is what guarantees quality audio that has a higher degree of clarity.

Affordable Price Tag

The Rode microphone comes just under 60$ which is not cheap but still an affordable one. You might find microphones that cost a lot less but there will be a massive difference in quality between those in this microphone.

Furthermore, at this price, you are also getting a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer which covers a whole lot of claims. This is a nice assurance as one does not have to worry about the durability of the microphone while purchasing it.

Users Review

As mentioned earlier in the rode video micro review, this microphone is really popular. Don’t take my words for it, just go visit and check out the reviews that the users have given this microphone.

With over 14 thousand reviews, the microphone has received a 4.6 rating which is amazing. This simply goes on to show the quality that you get with this microphone. It is not that easy to get this sort of rating from a huge chunk of individuals.


  • Durable and solid construction.
  • Does not require a separate battery.
  • Portable and compact.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Windshield and shock mount.
  • Compatible with all smartphones and cameras.


  • The lower limit of frequency response is high.
  • A separate cable needs to be bought for smartphones.
  • Cannot record well from a distance.

The Cons of Rode VideoMicro Review

So far in Rode Video Micro Review, we have listed all the benefits that you get with purchasing this microphone. However, despite being as good as it is, it does have its fair share of problems as well. We will list these issues in this section of the rode video micro microphone review.

However, before getting into the detail about these issues, let us just address it straight away that none of these cons is too serious. And you could easily find a way to get around them but they are a problem nonetheless. Therefore, we have decided to lay it out in this section of the rode VideoMicro microphone review.

Does Not Record From Far Away

The problem that you might notice straight away is that this microphone cannot capture the sound from a distance. However, it should not be much concern for the individuals it is targeted at.

Generally, the vloggers do not need to capture the sound from far away anyway. But there are some instances when one might want to speak from a distance.

Thus, this is where the microphone would not be of any help. So, this is something that you must keep in mind while making the purchase.

Needs Adapter For iPhone

As mentioned earlier in the video micro mic review, it comes with a 3.5mm jack to connect with other devices. Most Android cameras should not have any problem with it. However, iPhone users would have purchased the adapter separately.

Though it is not the fault of the manufacturer as the majority does not have an issue with it, it is a problem for iPhone users nonetheless.

The good thing is, that the adapter does not compromise the quality of the audio. So, although you would have to spend a couple of extra bucks the quality will still be the same.

High Lower Limit of Frequency

The specifications of the mic are given above in the video micro review and when you look at it you would see it has a high lower limit of frequency response.

Usually, you would get 20 or 30 Hz as a starting point. However, this microphone has 100Hz as starting frequency. This should not affect most people, however, those who want to record musical instruments might have issues with it.

The high lower limit means it would not be able to capture the low frequencies effectively. Thus, this is something you must keep in account while getting this microphone.

Rode VideoMicro Review: The Best & Budget

  • Durable and solid construction
  • Does not require a separate battery
  • Portable and compact
  • Affordable cost
  • The package includes a windshield and shock mount
  • Compatible with all smartphones & cameras

Conclusion-Rode VideoMicro Mic Review

Simply put, it is one of the best microphones for the vlogger that is available on the market. And the cherry on top is, that it is affordable as well.

And this concludes our article on rode VideoMicro review. We hope this article has cleared up the confusion and answered everything that you wanted.

In case you want to add or ask something about the Rode VideoMicro review, let us know in the given section. We would love to respond to your queries on Rode VideoMicro Review.

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