Sennheiser E935 Review: Pros & Cons (Ultimate Guide)

Sennheiser is a German company that has delivered a number of high-end and premium audio gear over the years. It is a name that is highly popular among sound engineers and studio owners. Their products range from earbuds to premium microphones.

And all of these products have had their fair share of success. But out of all, the e935 microphone is probably the one that has enjoyed the most success. And that is what we would be discussing in this Sennheiser e935 review.

If you have searched for the “best microphones”, chances are you have seen this microphone on most lists. And it is not without its reason. Sennheiser e935 is a powerful dynamic mic that delivers well-balanced and clear audio.

And the cherry on top? It comes with an affordable price tag. Thus, the combination of above-par performance and the inexpensive price has made it the talk of the town. The question is, is the Sennheiser e935 really worth the hype? Let’s find out.

sennheiser e935 review

Specifications – Sennheiser e935 Review:

Polar patternUnidirectional
Frequency Response40 – 18KHz
Sensitivity2.8mU/PA = -51dB
Phantom Power1000 ohms
Dimensions4.7 x 15.1 cm
Weight12.5 oz
Material TypeMetal
Warranty10 years

When you look at the specification table, it does not seem like an inexpensive unit. But it is and it is probably why it has received such high popularity.

The microphone is Amazon’s choice on with over 575 five-star ratings. I guess that speaks for the quality and performance that it delivers. Let’s take a look at the potential pros and cons of the Sennheiser e935


  • Produces neutral and smooth sound
  • Captures decent details in the sound
  • Offers higher brightness that makes it convenient to cut through
  • Performers can hear themselves while performing
  • Suitable for both male and female voices
  • Resistant to feedback
  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Inexpensive price tag
  • Tailor Made for vocalists


  • Not suitable for people other than musicians.
  • It’s pretty decent at this budget.

Design and Build – Sennheiser e935 Review

Sennheiser has employed metal in the construction of e935. It certainly imparts a little weight to it but it makes it much more durable. All the components are put together nicely and hold themselves even when it encounters accidental falls. The metallic construction also gives a premium touch to the mic.

It is extremely resistant to feedback and the humbucking coil ensures the elimination of interference. A shock-resistant capsule mounting is also available which makes a great impact in reducing the handling noises.

Sound Quality – Sennheiser e935 Review

In our testing, we have found that it delivers a very neutral sound with a smooth tone, a fast response, and more details. It uses a PA system to reproduce the vocals and speech which makes it transparent and fast. The PA system is essentially a setup that amplifies the sound using a microphone, speakers, and a mixer.

The frequency response offers no sudden bumps and has a reasonable boost presence along with decent bass roll-off. It is because of these that the transition between different tones is gentle which makes the sound neutral.

One of the best things about e935 is that it offers an optimized brightness level which is important, especially in live performances. The sound cuts through the mix and despite that, you do not hear even a pinch of harshness.

And because of that it offers an exceptional transient response while maintaining the details and clarity in the audio. As a reference, the SM58 sounds muffled and slurred when subjected to the same conditions.

High Notes Performance

E935 provides a lot more “air” in the sound compared to other mics in the same price bracket. It makes it most suitable for female singers as it helps the voice to become sharp and clear in the mix. And the best part is, it does not make the voice harsh in the process of achieving that clarity and sharpness.

The proximity effect does not overbear the bass frequency and requires little to no additional EQ application on vocals.

Frequency Response – Sennheiser e935 Review

The frequency response of the e935 is well above its tier and you have to use it yourself to realize that. The microphone provides a clear, warm, bright, and noise-free sound that is clear of sudden bumps and clicks. You would also get a gentle bass boost to empower the voice.

Pretty much throughout the frequency range, you would get optimal brightness balance. Your voice is distinctive despite the instruments around you. Although it is something condenser mics are known for, it also does that with great clarity.

Overall, the frequency response of e935 is well-balanced and offers a smooth transition from low to high or high to low notes. And because of that, the audio sounds natural and neutral.

Type of Microphone – e935 Sennheiser Review

As discussed earlier, it is a dynamic microphone. Now those who are familiar with the microphone might know what it means but for those who do not, let me explain! Dynamic microphones do not use a moving coil like a condenser mic. While this makes them less sensitive than condenser mics, it also enables them to cope with louder sounds.

These microphones can capture loud sound with clarity which is not the forte of condenser mics. And it is why dynamic mics like e935 are preferred in live performances on a stage where there is a lot of noise and loud instruments.

Polar Pattern – e935 Sennheiser Review

E935 offers an omnidirectional or cardioid polar pattern that captures the sound only from one direction. All the other sounds/noise do not make it into the audio because of the off-axis rejection. The problem with such microphones is their feedback which can be a source of annoyance and nuisance for the performance. Luckily, Sennheiser has somehow managed to work around it.

The mic provides off-axis rejection but does not provide feedback. It means the performer can hear themselves with great clarity and do not have to put a strain on their vocal cords.

The pickup angle on e935 is about 131 degrees which accommodates two singers and also forgives if the singer is wandering around. The point is, it is tight enough to reject the noises but not too tight to make the singers wonder about its active part.

Sennheiser E835 review

Recording Sensitivity – Sennheiser 935 mic

Broadly speaking, dynamic mics are not known for their great recording ability. But it is not the case with e935. Notes that usually blend with the background music with dynamic mics come out sharper with e935. And because it can distinguish the sound it can be used as a handy recording mic as well.

With that said, higher sensitivity also has its shortcoming and that is excessive background noise. However, since it is a unidirectional mic that risk gets minimized greatly. But nonetheless, it would deliver much better results if you use it with the mic stand. Because that way, the noise of handling gets reduced by multiple folds.

Furthermore, the microphone is also quite sensitive when it comes to rejecting feedback. And that rejection is desperately needed in the studios as then the artists can hear themselves and deliver a better performance.

While discussing its ability to record, I must tell you that it is not a feature that beginners can use. You have to tweak a lot of settings and features to make it usable for the studio setting. And that is something an amateur would not be able to do.

A tip? Use pop filters on it as well as it removes the plosive noise and delivers the sound with more clarity.

Instrument Recording – Sennheiser 935 mic

Like all the other dynamic microphones, the e935 does a great job at recording instruments. Thanks to its high SPL it would not notice any distortion even while recording loud instruments like drums and electric guitars.

Furthermore, it is equally good at both recording and the live performance of musical instruments. The best part? Thanks to the unidirectional polar pattern each instrument would be heard loud and clear. The sound of each instrument would be clear which would make the output more enjoyable.

Connector Type – Sennheiser microphone e935

E935 comes with an XLR connector which makes it very convenient to connect with other audio gears. It is a standard connector in the music industry which is why you would not have to use adapters with most devices.

And when you do need to connect with other devices, you can always use the adapters. However, one must be mindful that using those adapters might compromise the sound quality a little.

You can also use it with the computer and it would not require phantom power. All you have to do is to use a Preamp with a USB connection and it will work flawlessly.

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Impedance – Sennheiser e935 Review

The impedance of the Sennheiser e935 is 1000 ohms which is neither too high nor too low. You can connect a decent-length cable without distorting the sound quality.

However, it should not be too long. As a reference, it works great in church settings and little gigs but for a full-blown concert at bigger venues like stadiums, you would have to look for another option.

With that said, the input impedances of the device’s microphone are connected to also play a key role in this regard. Now that you know most about the Sennheiser e935 the question is:

Who Is This Microphone For?

The Sennheiser e935 is a versatile device and can be used for pretty much everything. Be it instrument recording, vocal recording, or liver performance.

However, some features of the microphone have been optimized and tailored for the vocalists. And that is why it delivers better performances for the vocalists.

Whether they are singing live in gigs or recording a track in a studio the microphone works well in both cases. It offers maximum feedback rejection, provides detail in audio, and most importantly distinguishes the vocals from background music. Singers would find this microphone an absolute delight.

Included Accessories

The microphone does not come with a lot of accessories which is a bit disappointing especially when it is coming from Sennheiser. The only things included in the package are a mic, a storage bag, and a mounting clip. All the other accessories that you might need for recording like filters, shock mount stand, etc are not included and you would have to purchase them yourself.

Summary – Sennheiser e935 Review

E935 by Sennheiser is an excellent product, something I would even pay more for. Despite the cheaper price tag, the performance it delivers is premium.

The frequency response of the wonderfully crafted, polar pattern is tight, audio is clear, and offers very low impedance. But the best of all is that it can also be doubled as a studio microphone which is not what dynamic microphones are known for.

The features of the microphone are tailored for singers. There is no feedback, sounds feel natural and there is high detail in the sound output. The voice of the performer can be easily distinguished from the background music.

This not only makes the live performance better but also eases the process of mixing. Sound engineers are able to isolate the voice accurately which helps a lot in recording.

So, folks that sums the Sennheiser e935 review up. We have tried to cover every aspect of the topic. But if you feel like we have missed something and you want to add anything. Let us know in the given section. We would love to respond. Thank you!

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