The Best Microphone For Filmmaking | Buying Guide

Looking for the best microphone for filmmaking? You’ve arrived at just the right spot. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best microphone for filmmaking that is available in the market.

Audio is a very crucial part of filmmaking, in fact, it is just as important as the quality of footage in some cases. The problem is, not all the cameras are equipped with a decent built-in microphone which compromises the audio quality.

Their inability to meet the set benchmark when it comes to quality warrants the use of external microphones. And this is where the best microphone for filmmaking comes into play.

You can attach these microphones externally to record just as high-quality audio as your footage. This will, in turn, make the content more captivating and interesting for your audience. Thus, not only would it improve your content but would also help you in growing your audience.

So, we have established the need for the best microphone for filmmaking but the question is where to find one. To help you with this exact question we have compiled the list of the finest microphones that are available. We have tried to make this list as comprehensive as possible and target a wide audience.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into our list of the best microphone for filmmaking. However, before going into detailed reviews, let’s take a bird’s eye view of what these microphones are offering.

The Best Microphone For Filmmaking | Top 10 Picks

Audio Technica AT875RXLRNoCheck Price
BOYA PVM 3000S3.5mm jack/ XLRNoCheck Price
SYNCO D2XLRNoCheck Price
Rode NTG4 PlusXLRYes (Rechargeable)Check Price
Rode VideoMicroTRS socketNoCheck Price
VidPro XM-55XLRYesCheck Price
Rode VideoMic Pro3.5 mm jackYesCheck Price
Shure VP83FXLRYesCheck Price
Sennheiser MKE 600XLRBattery+ PhantomCheck Price
Rode NTG2XLRYesCheck Price

1. Audio Technica AT875R-Microphone That Delivers Broadcast Worthy Audios

best microphone for filmmaking

To kickstart our list of the best microphone for filmmaking, we have a product from Audio Technica, a giant when it comes to manufacturing audio-related equipment. The company offers a wide range of products to their users which makes it easy to pick the right one for the desired purpose. The product that we have at hand is exactly that and meets all the benchmarks for the best microphone for filmmaking.

Design and Type

First thing first, it is a shotgun-type microphone that fits pretty easily at the top of the cameras. It uses the male XLR connector which makes the process of installing quite easy. Furthermore, the design of the microphone is really compact and lightweight. It weighs just about 2.8 oz and is under seven inches in length. The point is, you would not experience any extra weight while the microphone is attached at the top of your camera.

Moving on, the construction of the entire microphone is pretty rugged and the materials used in constructions are pretty solid. The microphone is sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear filmmaking has to offer.

Polar Pattern

The polar pattern on this microphone is line plus gradient. This polar pattern is ideal for the best microphone for filmmaking. These microphones use interference tubes in front of the element to make sure the noise from the surroundings is canceled. When it is combined with a directional element, it increases the cancellation from the rear side as well. Thus, you get noise-free and clear crisp audio as the end result.

Furthermore, the microphone has a very narrow acceptance angle which is ideal for the sound pickup from a long distance. In order to do so, you have to point the microphone where you want the sound to come from. This will deliver your sound from that direction only with absolutely no noise and distortion.

The Audio-Technica has tailored this microphone to ignore the sounds of the camera and handling. Thus, all the possible noise sources are taken care of. This is why you would get extremely clear and noise-free audio in the end.

Miscellaneous Features

Besides the above-mentioned features, the microphone also provides a wide dynamic range and high sensitivity. The microphone also has a minimal self-noise which ensures the recording is noise-free. The impedance of the microphone is a little high but it is not that concerning for a microphone designed to be attached at the top of the camera.

Furthermore, the cable does not come with it. So, while purchasing the microphone make sure to order the cable as well. However, keep the size of the cable as short as possible because the long cable might cause problems because of high impedance.

  • Rugged and solid construction
  • Minimal noise
  • Very narrow accepting angle
  • Tailored to ignore handling and camera sound
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Cable does not come with it
  • A little high impedance

2. BOYA BY- PVM3000S-A Good All-Round Microphone

The next entry on our list of the best microphone for filmmaking is PVM3000S by BOYA which is also a very established company. The company has delivered some of the highly performing professional equipment in the market. And the product we have at hand is not any different either.

Design and Type

This microphone is a condenser with shotgun design. The design makes it easy to mount on the camera without much hassle. Furthermore, the construction of the microphone has been carried out using metallic alloy and rubbers. Both of these materials are very sturdy and lightweight which makes it easy to carry around.

Moreover, the microphone uses XLR jack which would connect with the camera without any issues or whatsoever. The most interesting part of its design is the shock mount that comes with it. This component absorbs the vibrations and hence stops the unwanted noise from making into the microphone.

However, the cable that converts the XLR for audio jack needs to be bought separately. The impedance is not that high which should make it easy to select the appropriate cable.

Polar Pattern

The polar pattern on this particular microphone is hyper-cardioid. It essentially means that the microphone can only pick up the sound from one particular direction. Thus, all the noise from surrounding would not be able to make into the microphone. And you would get the crisp clear and high-definition audio in the end.

As far as the pick-up angle goes, it provides two options, the wide medium and the narrow pick up. it is up to you to select what you find most appropriate for any given job.

Dynamic Range and Other Features

All the remaining features on this microphone meet the benchmark for a best microphone for filmmaking. The frequency range is very wide and the response to different frequencies is flat, with minimal fluctuations.

Furthermore, the microphone also comes with a year long warranty. Thus, even if some component gets damages, which is highly unlikely, you would not have much to worry about. The point is, pretty much all the areas of this microphone are sorted which is why I included it in my list of the best microphone for filmmaking.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Shock mount to absorb unnecessary vibrations
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Two pickup angles to choose from
  • Durable microphone
  • XLR to jack cable does not come with it.

3. SYNCO MIC D2-Microphone That Works Best For Outdoors

best microphone for filmmaking

SYNCO is probably not a company that you hear a lot from, especially if you are new to this market of microphones. However, this company has also produced some of the fine audio equipment and the D2 is one of them. This microphone has everything it needs to record a high-quality professional audio.

Design and Type

Like the previous two mentioned, the microphone is also a shotgun type. And it is the third of its type. You would witness some more as well because this design is ideal for filmmaking. These microphones are quite easy to attach on the camera which makes them very user-friendly.

Furthermore, the quality of construction and materials used in it are pretty solid and rugged. It features a brass metal body and hence can easily withstand the minor abuse that is thrown its way. Plus, it is also a very light microphone which would not weigh you down while you are recording the shots.

Moving on, the design of the microphone guarantees very effective anti-interference. This would come in handy especially when you are recording outdoors. Moreover, the microphone has black speckle finish which allows it to operate normally even when it is raining.

Polar Pattern

The polar pattern on this unit is hyper cardioid which means it can strictly pick the sound from one direction. Plus, it also features sound wave interference technology. This is what makes it highly sensitive to directional sounds and minimizes the noise from surroundings.

One drawback of such design is that you have to make sure it is pointed at the right direction. In case otherwise, it would not pick up the right sound and you would end up with nothing but noise. However, it can be worked around by using a long tripod stand and hanging it over the person who you want to record.

Frequency Range and Other Features

The frequency range on the microphone is very wide at 20Hz to 20kHz. And the best part is, at any given frequency the response of the microphone is flat without any fluctuations. It is because of this wide and flat range you would get natural sounding audios.

Furthermore, the impedance of the microphone is pretty low. This should help when instead of attaching the microphone directly on the microphone you want to use the tripod stand. This low impedance would help you in selecting the long cables which you would find very helpful especially outdoors.

  • Wide and flat frequencies
  • Low impedance
  • Low self-noise
  • Metallic construction
  • Cable is included
  • Not forgiving when it comes to directing it properly

4. Rode NTG4 Plus-Futuristic Design That Ensures Convenience of Users

best microphones for filming

When it comes to companies producing the audio equipment, Rode is the name to be reckoned with. The company is a giant and has delivered some of the best microphone for filmmaking in the market over the years. The microphone that we have at hand from Rode features a futuristic design that is very user-friendly when it comes to convenience.

Design and Type

It is a condenser shotgun type microphone intended for use with DSLRs and Camcorders. The construction quality is very sturdy and solid which means it can withstand wear and tear filmmaking has to offer.

Furthermore, it comes in seven different configurations and two colors which allow you to choose as per your preferences and taste. However, what makes it one of the most user-friendly microphones is the fact that it uses its own battery for power supply. And it uses the USB cable for the charging which means you can charge it using any android charger.

This battery when fully charged provides up to 150 hours of operations and takes only two hours to fully charge. The MicroUSB cable is also included in the package which is compatible with pretty much all the available adapters.

Polar Pattern

The polar pattern on this microphone is hyper cardioid which means it picks the sound from one direction only. By now you must know how these microphones reduce the noise from surroundings and deliver a crisp and clear audio.

Furthermore, the microphone has low noise circuitry which ensures that it has minimal noise. The point is, the combination of hyper cardioid polar pattern and low noise circuitry work synergistically to deliver a high-definition audio quality.

Digital Switching

The microphone offers a very wide dynamic range when it comes to frequency. However, the best part is, it can be boosted even further by simply touching on the control buttons at the microphones. These digital buttons can also be used to enable built-in high pass filters and pads.

Furthermore, these settings are retained even when you switch the microphone off. The response to the frequency varies depending upon the settings that you are using. At default it is pretty flat but as you boost it and turn on the high pass it shows some variations. However, it is given when you are recording at such extreme frequencies.

All these features come at a price which is something not all the people would be able to afford. However, if you have some spare money to invest this would make it totally worth it.

  • Intuitive and Futuristic design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Boosted frequency
  • Built-in high pass
  • Excellent battery performance
  • Bit expensive

5. Rode VideoMicro compact-HD Audio With Price That Does Not Break The Bank

best microphone for filmmaking

You must have found the previous microphone quite expensive especially if you are looking for a microphone in the budget category. But there is nothing to be worried about as this list of the best microphone for filmmaking is quite comprehensive. And we have also thrown in some budget options as well.

The microphone we have at hand is one of these budget options. And it is from the same company that we talked about earlier.

Design and Type

Like all the microphone mentioned in the list of the best microphone for filmmaking so far it features a shotgun and condenser design. The construction material is plastic but it is not cheap by any means. You can throw all the abuse you want and it will be able to withstand that.

Furthermore, it is the type of microphone that is intended for the attachment over the cameras or even smartphones. Thus, the plastic material is the ideal for such a unit as it keeps it light-weight and does not weigh you down while recording.

Moving on, the microphone uses a cable with audio jacks at both ends to connect with the cameras and smartphones. It is great because using the adapter can somewhat compromise on the audio quality of the microphone.

Polar Pattern

The polar pattern of the microphone is unidirectional which makes it ideal for the vloggers. It will ensure that only your voice makes it into the microphone with minimal noise. Plus, it will be attached at the top of the recording device so you would have trouble speaking directly into it.

The cheap microphone for filmmaking comes with a shock mount as well. This shock mount ensures that it absorbs all the unwanted vibrations and keeps the audio noise-free. Thus, when you are vlogging while moving around you would not have to worry about the bumps and jerks that might make it into the microphone via vibrations.


What makes this microphone appealing is the price that it comes at. It costs under 100$ which is insane considering the quality of audio that you get with this piece and essentially makes it the best cheap microphone for filmmaking. Thus, if you were looking for something that can record HD audio without breaking the bank, this is the best microphone for filmmaking for you.

  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Lightweight yet durable construction
  • Comes with windshield
  • Distortion-free audio
  • Cables can be faulty sometimes

Have a look at this:)

6. VidPro XM-55 Microphone Kit-Get Your Hands-On Complete Package Without Burdening Your Pocket

best mics for filmmaking

Microphones need a ton of supporting equipment in order to work efficiently. And finding the right accessories that are compatible with a particular microphone is quite tough. Thus, we have come up with a device that would spare you from all the hassle as you would have all the components that you need in one place. And on top of it, it is also the budget microphone for filmmaking which serves as icing on the cake.

Design and Type

The main component of this package is obviously the microphone and it is condenser/shotgun type. The design of the unit is typical with plain black coating which gives it an elegant look. The materials and the construction are very rugged which is why durability is not an issue.

Besides the budget microphone for filmmaking, you would get 12 more pieces in the unit including the cushioned handgrip, AA battery and three XLR-XLR cables. Like the microphone, all these accessories are well built and are designed to last long.

Polar Pattern

The polar pattern on this device is unidirectional or cardioid. The microphones with these patterns pick up the sound from just one direction. Thus, the sound from the surroundings would not be able to distort the audio. And you would get crisp clear audio as the end product.

Furthermore, the microphone has very little self-noise which would also contribute to the crispness and clarity of the audio. To cut it short, it is the type of microphone where you do not have to worry about the noise.


In the box, as mentioned earlier, you would find 12 accessories. Probably the most important of these is the shock mount suspension. This can be used to suspend the microphone over the camera to improve the convenience.

Moreover, you can also use the stand mount as well if you want to use it to record podcasts. In addition to providing support to the microphone, these mounts also absorb the unwanted vibrations and reduce the unnecessary bass in the audios.

Besides the mount, you also get three sets of XLR-XLR cables of different length in this best budget mic for filmmaking. You can use the one you find most appropriate for any given situation. And the impedance is low enough to allow you to use whichever cable you find most suitable without causing any distorting in the audio.

The package also contains foam and furry windscreens for when you decide to shoot outdoors. And the best part is all of this comes at the cost that is under 100$. This is what makes it the best budget mic for filmmaking. So, if you were looking for the best microphone for filmmaking in the budget, you have hit the jackpot. It surely cannot be any better, or can it?

  • Complete package
  • Comes at an affordable cost
  • Versatile microphone
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Excellent audio quality without distortion
  • Runs on the non-rechargeable batteries

7. Rode Videomic Pro-The Quality That Is Unmatchable

best microphone for filmmaking

This is the third entry of the Rode on our list of the best filmmaking microphones which should tell you how great their products are. This particular product is probably one of the most popular modes Rode has ever designed which is why it is also Amazon’s choice on And this product has achieved this feat despite a somewhat expensive price tag. This simply goes on to show the quality that this microphone provides to its users.

Design and Type

Rode VideoMic pro is a condenser and shotgun type microphone which is ideal for the high-end DSLRs and full frame cameras. Furthermore, the quality of the construction is very sturdy which makes it durable enough to withstand minor wear and tear. The diaphragm of the microphone is also quite big which increases the area where it can capture the audio from.

Moreover, the weight of the microphone is just about 85 grams which is pretty lightweight. Thus, the handling of the camera would be the same as before as not much would be added in it.

Moving on, the microphone uses a 1.7V battery for power supply. Although it is non-rechargeable, it is great as the microphones that get their power directly from the camera end up draining the batteries of cameras a lot faster. Thus, this battery would in fact extend the battery life of the camera as well and you would be able to use it for longer periods.

Polar Pattern

The polar pattern on this microphone, like all the other microphones on our best microphones for filming, is unidirectional. What it essentially means is that you would only get what you intend without unwanted noise and distortion. Plus, the fact that it has a larger diaphragm makes it easier to point at the right direction.

Connectivity and other Features

The microphone uses 3.5mm audio jack for connectivity whose female port is available in all the cameras. Thus, the connection with the camera would be easy and no converting adapter would be required. Wire that would make the connection comes inside the package so this is one less thing to worry about.

Furthermore, the package also contains integrated shock mounting and foam windscreen. A camera shoe mount is also available to make connection with the cameras. In addition to providing the support to the camera, these mounts also absorb unwanted vibration and keep the audio clean from excessive bass. This is why it is also one of the best microphones for filming.

  • Easy connectivity
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories
  • Large-diaphragm
  • Wide frequency range
  • Bit expensive

8. Shure VP83F-Microphone and Recorder, The Two in One Deal

best microphones for filming

When it comes to best mics for filmmaking, the list cannot be completed without throwing in a product from Shure. Like Audio Technica and Rode, this company is also a giant when it comes to its share in the market. Moreover, it has also delivered some of the very popular products in the market and the one we have at hand is such a microphone.

Design and Type

From the looks of it, this microphone seems to be a heavy-duty microphone which is designed for professionals. And it is true, the microphone has everything that a high-end model should have. It comes in two variants, one with integrated flash and one without. The flash is essentially a display unit that shows you different parameters while recording.

Moving on, the material used in the construction of this microphone is plastic but it is not cheap by any means. Surely, you would get fingerprint smudges every now and then but you would be able to damage it easily. It is durable enough to withstand the wear and tear that filmmaking has to offer which is why it is one of the best mics for filmmaking.

Polar Pattern

Like all the other microphones mentioned on the list of the best microphone for film, it also features a unidirectional polar pattern. And if you have been paying attention you must know how and why these microphones are good for filmmaking. In case you don’t, let me put in simple words: these microphones can capture the sound from one direction only and hence eliminate the noise from the sides. This is why you get crisp and clear audio in the end.

Integrated Flash and other Features

As mentioned earlier, it comes in two variants, but the one with integrated flash is what I found most interesting. It is because in addition to displaying the important parameters it also uses a microSD card for saving the recordings. Thus, in addition to getting the audio on the video you also get a separate copy that one can use for a number of purposes.

Besides these, the microphone runs on AA battery which is great as it would not drain the camera’s battery. On average, a pair of AA batteries provide about 10 hours of recording time. The pair is included in the package but once they dry out you would have to purchase the new ones by yourself.

Another feature that I like the most about this microphone is the headphone jack. It can be used to connect headphones to monitor the recording of the live time. Thus, you would be able to make the needed modifications in the real time and it would improve the end results. Features like these make it the best microphone for film.

  • Runs on AA batteries
  • Integrated flash
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Delivers exceptional results
  • The headphone jack is available
  • Battery door design breaks easily

9. Sennheiser MKE 600-Microphone That Makes The Noise Non-Existent

best microphone for filmmaking

The second last microphone to make into our list of the best mic for filming is MKR 600 by Sennheiser, a very established company. This microphone is ideal for the interview recording and outdoor shoots and you would find out why.

Design and Type

The microphone features a shotgun type design with a condenser. The material used in its construction is metal which adds strength and durability in the model. Furthermore, the weight of the microphone is just about one pounds which is perfectly balanced. The point is, it would raise any handling issues because of its weight.

The highlight of the design is suppression of the structure. This design helps in reducing the handling noise and the sound of wind that is present in the given area.

Polar Pattern

The polar pattern on this unit is unidirectional which is something we are all familiar with by now. However, beside that, the microphone also has exceptional directivity. It essentially means that the camera provides maximum rejection to the side noise.

Furthermore, the low-cut filter is also present which ensures that the low frequencies do not make it into the microphone. Hence, you get a very clear and crisp audio in the end which makes it the best mic for filming.

  • Solid Construction
  • Wide and flat frequency response
  • Optimal weight
  • Design that suppresses the noise
  • Can use the Phantom power as well
  • Batteries do not last long

10. Rode NTG2-High-end Microphone For Professionals

best filmmaking microphone

This is Rode’s fourth device to make into our list of the best microphone for video recording. And it should tell a lot about the quality this company is delivering. A microphone from the same series has already been discussed earlier but this one was also just as good so we decided to include it in our best microphone for video recording as well.

Design and Type

Like all the other microphones in our best filmmaking mic list, this one also features shotgun and condenser design. However, unlike most microphones, it offers two color options to choose from. It does not have any practical implication but having the option does not hurt.

The quality of construction material used is just as good as the other microphone from the same series. It features a rugged structure that can withstand all the abuse you will throw at it in the process of filmmaking.

Polar Pattern and Noise Cancellation

The polar pattern on this microphone is unidirectional but what makes it even more effective and reducing noise are its high pass filters. These filters have a cut off frequency and no sound under that frequency can pass through them. Thus, the sound of noise, breath and other low frequency sounds would not be able to make it into the microphone.

Thus, in the end you would get a very clear audio that is free of all the noise and unwanted bass.

  • Metallic design imparts strength
  • Two high pass filters
  • Run-on AA battery
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Bit expensive

Comprehensive Buyer Guide For Selecting The Best Microphone For Filmmaking

Finding the right microphone for filmmaking is not an easy job especially when you are new to this field. You would get all these terminologies thrown at your face which you know absolutely nothing about and in the end, you would get nothing but confusion. Thus, in this section of the best microphone for filmmaking, we would enlist some of these important terminologies and how these are important for selecting the best microphone for filmmaking.

1-Polar Pattern

Polar pattern is essentially the area where the microphone can pick up the sound. You would find different polar patterns including unidirectional, omnidirectional, stereo and some other as well. However, while selecting the best microphone for filmmaking make sure you are going with a unidirectional microphone.

It is because these microphones can pick up the sound from just one direction. Thus, you can easily mount it on the camera and it would be pointed in the same direction as the camera’s lens. So, the microphone would pick up the sound only from the frame that is being shown on the camera. And this makes a shot look clean and crisp.


You would usually come across three types of connections, the USB, XLR and the TRS. All of these have their own pros and cons but we are not going to discuss them here. For now, you need to know that you have to ensure that the type of connection that you are getting is right for the camera that you want to use it on.

Surely, the converter and adapters are available but they can compromise the audio quality of the microphone. Therefore, it is important to look for the compatible connectivity before making the purchase.


While looking for the best microphone for filmmaking, you would come across two types of microphones. One that uses their own batteries, other that relies on the batteries of the recording devices. If you ask me, I would recommend the former.

It is because when you use the microphone that relies on the camera, you are essentially increasing the load on the camera’s battery. Thus, the battery would run out sooner and you would get a very little recording time. In contrast, when the microphone uses its own battery, this problem gets eliminated and you get more recording time.

This is why I would recommend getting a microphone that uses its own battery because they make the best microphone for video production.


Weight of the microphone is something that often gets neglected but it is as important as anything. When you are using the best microphone for video production, chances are you are going to mount it over the camera. Thus, if the weight of the microphone is too high you would find it hard to handle the camera. Similarly, if it is too light, the wind would blow it away which would increase the bass and noise in the audio.

Therefore, it is important to find a microphone with optimal weight in order to get the best results possible.


Filming requires a versatile microphone and what makes any microphone versatile are the accessories that come with it. Thus, while looking for a microphone make sure to find all the compatible accessories like shock mount, camera shoe, tripod stand etc. These accessories would make the handling and the usage of microphone a lot easier.

Conclusion – Best Microphone For Filmmaking

This is everything that we had on the best microphone for filmmaking. We hope this article has helped you in finding the best microphone for filmmaking, or at least, has narrowed down your options. In case, there is anything that you want to ask or add to the best microphone for filmmaking, let us know in the given section, we would love to respond.

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