Best Microphones for Canon M50 (4 Best Options of 2022)

Canon M50 is the most popular ultra-compact mirrorless camera in the vlogging industry. Because it’s lightweight and simple to use, people wanna get a top-quality but compact microphone along with this camera. So, in this post, we’ve compiled the list of the best microphones for canon m50 that provides a great price value.

Because this camera is ideal for vloggers and YouTubers, we usually like to have a shotgun microphone to build a reliable and compact vlogging setup. We’re also gonna review some of the best shotgun mics that suit this camera.

M50 is packed with some great features in this price range. However this is a great camera if you’re just starting out, most of the cameras don’t impress with an in-built microphone. If you wanna create a professional video, you have to invest in an external microphone for your camera. Here we have to find out the best mics for canon m50.

Best Microphones for Canon M50

In this guide, we’ve included microphones for every budget. We’ve focused on compactness, great audio quality, compatibility, and budget. So you can decide according to your budget and needs. We’ve included some budget-friendly options, mid-range + advanced and expansive ones.

As you know Rode is an established and very popular Microphone manufacturing company that produces great audio equipment. So in this post, we’re gonna present the best Rode Microphones for Canon M50.

Let’s review these microphone with all the features they offers. But before getting into the review, you can navigate to our top picks from a comparison table below.

The Best Mic for M50 | Top 10 Picks

MicrophoneCategoryPolar PatternPrice
Rode VideoMic Pro+ShotgunSuper-CardioidCheck Price
Rode VideoMicroShotgunCardioidCheck Price
Rode VideoMic GOShotgun Super-CardioidCheck Price
Rode VideoMic MeShotgunCardioidCheck Price

1- Rode VideoMic Pro+ | Industry Leading Shotgun Mic

This is the latest microphone in Rode’s VideoMic series. Millions of professional content creators use this microphone. VideoMic Pro Plus is an upgraded version of VideoMic Pro and a very powerful shotgun microphone.

The Rode VideoMic Pro+ is a flexible camera-mount shotgun mic that’s also at home on the boom pole. It makes it perfect for mobile journalists, vloggers, and YouTubers in need of an equally capable device to shoot interviews as well as still photography from afar or up close with ease.

VideoMic Pro+ is a super-cardioid directional condenser microphone that means it will pick the sound where it’s pointing, and remove background noise all around the microphone. This is why vloggers love this microphone


  • The best feature in this microphone is “Automatic Power”. This is a really helpful when you’re interviewing someone because usually we do a lot of retakes and you can forget to turn your microphone on. So if you turn on your camera, mic will automatically be turned on.
  • Rode VideoMic Pro+ comes with HighPass Filter that can be very useful when you’re recording in a noisy environment, traffic, etc. So it help you remove low frequency noise from your audio.
  • Digital Switching is the new way to transfer your audio. It will ensure you have ultimate capture of what’s being said at all times, without any post production or editing needed in between!

Its battery life is pretty impressive. There is an intelligent powering mode where the microphone will shut off on its own when not being used to save power for later use or if you’re in a place with low volume like at home without any noisy neighbors who might be waking up early.

What makes this even better than other audio recorders? The built-in door means no more struggling trying to get your old batters out before giving yourself aids from all their Static Electricity build up inside themselves because there was nowhere safe enough near some metal objects so please stop making things difficult just.

So, overall this is an ideal rode microphone for canon m50. Although it’s a bit expensive provides great value for money. If you’re searching for a long-term audio solution, Rode VideoMic Pro+ is just for you.

  • Rich and crisp sound
  • Amazing power mode
  • Highpass filter
  • Easy to use
  • A bit expansive

2- Rode VideoMicro | The Best Microphone for Canon M50

Rode VideoMicro is best used for vlogging and it’s really small in size, so it can be placed on the hot shoe of your camera. It’s not as directional as video mic pro+, but this is an ultra-compact and extremely lightweight microphone for canon m50.

Ideally, people love using it with mobile phones because of its compactness and simplicity. Because canon m50 is a pretty small size camera so, with this rode VideoMicro, it would be really nice camera and microphone combination.

It has a very slim microphone capsule + comes with a dead cat/pop filter which is really useful in windy environments and I’ve personally experienced this thing.

It doesn’t require any battery or charging. Just plug it into your camera or smartphone and you’re ready to go. It has an all-metal sturdy construction which is impressive at this budget.

Initially, it comes with a TRS cable that is compatible with any camera but if you wanna use it with your smartphone, you’ll have to pick Rode’s 3.5mm TRS – TRRS adapter separately.

The best thing about this microphone is its cheapest microphone in its competition with an awesome build and audio quality. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly microphone with crisp and clean audio this is the perfect option. In my opinion, if you’re a beginner this is the best microphone for canon m50.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly microphone with crisp and clean audio this is the perfect option. In my opinion, if you’re a beginner this is the best microphone for canon m50 that you can pick it sounds supremely amazing, it removes noise, it comes on a good budget so everything is on point.

  • Best in budget
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Lightweight
  • Good build quality
  • Nothing, its best in this budget

3- Rode VideoMic GO | Lightweight Best Shotgun Mic

The Rode VideoMic GO camera-mount shotgun microphone is a much-improved version of its predecessors, with an enhanced rejection pattern to give you better directionality.

The older model had wider pickup patterns and less off-axis rejection for tighter proximity sounds like those made by your voice or footsteps when used as part of the video production process where sound needs are picked up from only one spot at a time.

This means that now we can record our own actions in 3D space instead of just 2-dimensional film footage, which will make them look more lifelike than ever before.

It’s another plug and power microphone so you don’t need a battery to use it. Just plug it into your device and, Boom!!. It doesn’t come with any controls, but its simplicity makes it perfect for mobile journalists on the go who don’t have time to mess around with settings like white balance and ISO levels before they start shooting video.

It comes with a shock mount which is pretty flexible to help you reduce shake noise. The RODE Videomic GO is a low-cost, high-quality microphone for those who work with smaller cameras in run and gun situations. VideoMic GO is ideal for vloggers, YouTubers, + the best microphone for canon m50.

Though its range does have some limitations up close as well as at long distances where the original mic’s quality struggles to maintain itself past 3 feet from source material or instrument being recorded respectively; it still manages an excellent performance overall on lighter equipment that’s less weighty than what most professional users would use during production sets.

  • Small and lightweight
  • Removable cable
  • Good audio quality
  • Affordable
  • Does’nt work with every camera (requires a low voltage from the camera)

4- Rode VideoMic Me | Ultra Compact Microphone

Now last but not least, Rode VideoMic Me, is a mini shotgun microphone for smartphones. I know we’re talking about the best microphones for canon m50, but you can use this mic with your camera using the rode adapter. But this is ideally designed for smartphones users.

Most people say that Rode’s products aren’t compatible with smartphones. That’s why Rode has designed this smartphone specialist microphone which is Rode VideoMic Me. You can almost consider this as a wireless microphone because it doesn’t contain a wire, it comes with a TRRS jack that you can directly plug into your smartphone.

But if you wanna use it with canon m50, you can pick an external adapter. It’s pretty simple to use and has a fully metal-constructed and compact microphone. Most of the people who wanna use this microphone with canon m50 might wanna get a good microphone for a smartphone.

  • Best audio quality
  • Affordable
  • TRRS jack for smartphone, and you can plug directly into your amartphone
  • You’ll have to pick a seperate adapter to connect it to your camera

Buying Guide + Conclusion | Best Mics for Canon M50

These were our top picks, now let’s discuss what should you consider before buying the best canon m50 microphone. There are a few important points to consider.

It’s up to you, most people consider it a very lightweight mic and don’t like a bulky microphone. So, if you don’t wanna get a little bigger microphone and wanna go with a lighter one, VideoMicro or VideoMic GO would be better.

And if the size doesn’t matter to you, and wanna get a high-end microphone for good audio production, you can pick Rode VideoMic Pro+.

In the end, budget is the key point that you’ll obviously consider before buying anything. We’ve shared with you the products on every budget.

So this was our guide on buying the best microphone for canon m50, hope it was helpful to you to pick the best mic for your camera. All of these products are up to the mark and the best in the category. Now it’s your turn, pick one that suits your budget.

If you want me to name one, I would definitely go with Rode VideoMicro which is budget-friendly and produce insane audio. What microphone would you like us to review next? Let us know in the comments.

FAQs | The Best Microphones for Canon M50

Can the Canon M50 be used professionally?

Of course, this is a great camera packed with some really amazing features such as 4K video recording, FHD @60fps + overall spectacular camera quality that make it professional.

Is Canon M50 best for vlogging?

It’s known for vlogging. And vloggers love this camera because it contains all the features that a Pro Vlogger wants, and the best part is, it’s super compact and affordable.

Do I need a mic for Canon M50?

That’s a common question that a lot of people ask. But I think you can’t use an internal mic of even a $5000 camera, and you always need a separate decent mic to produce better audio.

Does Canon M50 Shoot Slow Motion?

Yes, you have an option to record on a higher frame rate, Full HD @60fps that will get you a buttery smooth slow motion.

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