Best Microphones for Canon M50 (4 Best Options of 2024)

Canon M50 is the go-to mirrorless camera for vloggers. It is popular mainly because of its compact size, lightweight, and ease of use.

However, the same cannot be said about its microphone quality which warrants the need for an external one. You need a mic just as good as the camera to get quality shots, and with this piece, you will get to know the microphones that fit the bill perfectly.

Needless to say, there is no better type of microphone than a shotgun when it comes to vlogging. It is not just reliable but also makes things more convenient. So, we have compiled a list of some of the best shotgun mics that complement the Canon M50.

Best Microphones for Canon M50

While compiling this list of best microphones for Canon M50, several factors were taken into consideration. The important ones included compatibility, compactness, and audio quality. We also went a little further to pick the microphones from different budget categories to offer a piece to everyone. 

To be honest, we have tested several microphones with the said camera, but Rode’s offerings were tough to beat. Hence, do not be surprised if all options for the Canon M50 are from Rode’s lineups. 

Let’s get to the details of these microphones, but before proceeding to in-depth reviews, take a look at the brief overview of these products.

MicrophoneCategoryPolar PatternPrice
Rode VideoMic Pro+ShotgunSuper-CardioidCheck Price
Rode VideoMicroShotgunCardioidCheck Price
Rode VideoMic GOShotgun Super-CardioidCheck Price
Rode VideoMic MeShotgunCardioidCheck Price

1- Rode VideoMic Pro+ | Industry Leading Shotgun Mic

VideoMic Pro+ is the latest addition to Rode’s VideoMic series. It has been widely successful, and several popular YouTubers, TikTokers, and Instagrammers are using it to create content for their channels and accounts. At the core, it is an upgraded version of VideoMic Pro, which itself is quite a powerful shotgun microphone.

The Pro+ version is a flexible camera-mount shotgun mic, making it an ideal choice for mobile journalists, YouTubers, and basically everyone who wants to record interviews and shoot stills from Canon M50.

Furthermore, it features a super-cardioid polar pattern, which only picks the sound from one direction. When the active site of the mic is pointed towards your mouth, it will pick nothing but your voice. Thus, the background noise is virtually non-existent. It also makes it particularly useful for vloggers in noisy environments.


  • “Automatic Power” is probably the best feature of this microphone. You will no longer have to experience voiceless shots because you forgot to turn on the microphone. Because of these features, the microphone automatically turns one when you turn on the camera.
  • It also comes with a HighPass Filter, which is handy in a noisy environment. You can change the microphone’s sensitivity to prevent picking up noise from the surroundings.
  • Digital Switching lets you transfer the audio between different devices while preserving the audio quality.

The battery on the microphone is quite impressive. It uses an intelligent powering mode that turns the microphone off when it is not in use.

Furthermore, the microphone is also equipped with Integrated Rycote Lyre Shockmount System, which prevents vibrations from making it to the audio. The overall audio quality is crisp and very detailed, making it a decent ASMR microphone.

The only downside to this microphone is its expensive price tag, but if you are willing to burden your pocket a little, it offers the best value for money. It is a one-time purchase that will last you for years to come.

  • Rich and crisp sound
  • Amazing power mode
  • Highpass filter
  • Easy to use
  • A bit expansive

2- Rode VideoMicro | The Best Microphone for Canon M50

If the compact size is your priority, you will find it difficult to look past VideMicro. It is one of the most compact microphones available on the market, with a size small enough to fit in the camera’s hot shoe.

The polar pattern in this mic is not as tight as VideoMicro Pro+, but it still does a good job of reducing the background noise. Furthermore, it is extremely light and does not weigh you down even after a day of vlogging.

Probably the best feature of this microphone is the 3.5mm jack. It allows you to switch to a smartphone if the camera runs out of battery without compromising on audio quality. Furthermore, the microphone also includes a pop filter to reduce the background noise should you experience a windy situation. 

Another benefit of the 3.5mm Jack is that it doubles as a power cable, which draws the power from the camera. Thus, the microphone will keep working as long as the camera has a battery. Furthermore, it boasts metallic construction is an uncommon feat in this price bracket.

The unit’s sound quality is excellent, crisp, and rich in detail. That is not to say it compares with the premium models, but it is not too far behind. It makes a decent enough option for beginners that strikes a perfect balance between performance and price.

  • Best in budget
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Lightweight
  • Good build quality
  • Nothing, its best in this budget

3- Rode VideoMic GO | Lightweight Best Shotgun Mic

Rode VideoMic is an enhanced version of its predecessor and features a tighter polar pattern for better background noise cancellation. The polar pattern is unidirectional, which only accepts sound from one direction.

Unlike the predecessors, it offers better off-axis rejection and prevents the audio from collecting unwanted noise. 

Furthermore, a plug-and-play microphone connects to the camera with a 3.5mm Jack. The lack of battery means you can use the smartphone without compromising audio quality, even if the camera runs out of power.

It is also equipped with a shock mount, which means if you switch to the smartphone, vibrations would not be a problem. The shock mount will absorb the accidental jerks that are common with smartphone recording and keep the audio clean.

The downside of the VideoMic Go is the tighter pattern itself. You cannot use it to record the ambiance of an atmosphere. Furthermore, the subject has to be within the 3 feet of the microphone for it to record efficiently. However, these are the compromises that you will have to make with pretty much all microphones within this price bracket.

  • Small and lightweight
  • Removable cable
  • Good audio quality
  • Affordable
  • Does’nt work with every camera (requires a low voltage from the camera)

4- Rode VideoMic Me | Ultra Compact Microphone

Rode’s Me is an ultra-compact shotgun microphone suitable for both cameras and smartphones alike. What makes it stand out is a 3.5mm Jack that is not cabled.

It means you do not have to be too careful with the cable so it does not break. With Rode’s Me, just snap the jack in directly, and you are good to go.

The drawback of this 3.5mm Jack is that it requires a separate adapter for m50. However, it should not be a deal breaker considering that the shotgun price is not that expensive.

Rode has not specified the polar pattern, but it appears to be loosely unidirectional. The audio quality is about as good as it gets in this price range. With the subject in close range to the microphone, it would not disappoint. 

The off-axis rejection is decent enough for a calm environment, but it might not work as well in noisy spaces. However, you can only get so much in this category. People who have just started vlogging and do not want to invest too much in the start will find it quite appealing.

  • Best audio quality
  • Affordable
  • TRRS jack for smartphone, and you can plug directly into your amartphone
  • You’ll have to pick a seperate adapter to connect it to your camera

Buying Guide + Conclusion | Best Mics for Canon M50

You have looked at our picks, but none of these will work for everybody. The choice of the right microphone for you depends on your preferences. For example, some people prefer lighter microphones if they want to vlog all day long. Heavier microphones increase the overall weight of the camera and can cause hand cramps and generalized fatigue. 

On the other hand, some people might want a battery-less microphone. It eliminates the need to put the microphone on charge before stepping outside their places. The lack of battery allows them to use the microphone even if the camera runs out of battery. 

Some users will also make a choice based on the polar pattern of the microphones. The unidirectional polar pattern will work best if they interview people or vlog about their daily routines. However, if they want to capture the ambiance as well,  such a microphone would not work because of off-axis rejection.

And lastly, budget is also something very important. You will not want to spend too much if you are just starting out. It is important to take baby steps and test the water before making expensive purchases. 

So, in this piece, we have shared all of these options. Now it is up to you to figure out and decide your preferences and find the microphone accordingly. However, if we have to pick one option, it would be Rode VideoMicro because of its affordability and incredible audio quality. 

Let us know in the comments about the microphones you want us to review next. 

FAQs | The Best Microphones for Canon M50

Can the Canon M50 be used professionally?

Of course, this is a great camera packed with some really amazing features such as 4K video recording, FHD @60fps + overall spectacular camera quality that make it professional.

Is Canon M50 best for vlogging?

It’s known for vlogging. And vloggers love this camera because it contains all the features that a Pro Vlogger wants, and the best part is, it’s super compact and affordable.

Do I need a mic for Canon M50?

That’s a common question that a lot of people ask. But I think you can’t use an internal mic of even a $5000 camera, and you always need a separate decent mic to produce better audio.

Does Canon M50 Shoot Slow Motion?

Yes, you have an option to record on a higher frame rate, Full HD @60fps that will get you a buttery smooth slow motion.

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