How to Turn on Microphone on Android Phone

This is one of those irritating problems that people face on Android Phones. Turning the microphone ON/OFF is a bit tricky and most of the people are confused, how do we do that. In this guide, we’ll show you how to turn on a Microphone on Android Phone.

When we connect a microphone to an Android, our phones don’t detect the microphone. Let’s take a look, at how you can turn ON or OF your microphones in a specific application.

How to Turn on Microphone on Android Phone?

  1. Go to apps and open Settings
  2. Find & tap “Privacy & Safety”
  3. There you’ll see the option called “App Permissions”
  4. It will show all the permissions, tap on “Microphone”
  5. This is where you’ll see all the applications that are available on your phone. Here you can enable or disable microphone for your desired apps.

This is how you can turn on the microphone on your Android Phone. Now let’s see some other interesting things you need to know about microphone settings on your mobile phone.

How you can turn on Dragon Microphone?

If your microphone is on sleep mode, enable dragon microphone. Here are the steps to do it.

  • Turn on your microphone.
  • In the menu bar, and select “Turn Microphone On”
  • In the status bar, click on Microphone, it will switch your mic to on.
  • Then you can use keyword shortcuts to toggle between. Press (default is ⌘F11).

How to test, is microphone working?

This is really important to do because if you haven’t plugged your mic in, you start recording. Your important recordings can be lost. So, it’s important to check, if your microphone working. These are the steps to show you how you can test your microphone.

I would recommend you to use the Open Camera app to record full HD videos and better audio. I know you don’t wanna install any other third-party application. But this app is absolutely best for this purpose.

If you use a normal android phone camera it will give you low sounds and 720p footage. But, with an Open camera, you can get great audio quality with 1080p footage. So, this is why we recommend this application. Now let’s see how you can check your microphone connectivity in Open Camera.

  1. In the Open Camera, click on the top “Settings” button.
  2. You’ll see all the camera setting, scroll down and tap “Video Settings.
  3. Again scroll down and choose Audio Source option.
  4. There you’ll see four option, you’ll have to pick “External mic”

This will solve all your problems with mic connectivity. After selecting this option, the camera will detect a microphone immediately when you connect it to your phone.

Can I increase my earphones volume?

This is the question that tons of people ask. Yes, it’s possible to increase earphones volume. This is the simplest method to boost the volume of your earphones. Now we’re going to see how you can do that step by step.

  • Head over to settings.
  • In the settings, tap on “Sound  Vibration”
  • This will show you some sound options, you’ll have to choose “Volume Selection”
  • It will bring some slider where you’ll be able to increase volume.

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