How to Turn on Microphone on the PS4 Controller

In the ever-changing gaming and online communication world, the PS4 has served as a key center for players to connect, collaborate, and compete. The option to use a microphone with the PS4 controller is a significant component of this interesting gaming experience.

A working microphone is essential for strategizing with teammates, chatting with friends, or coordinating in multiplayer fights. In this guide, we’re gonna talk about How to Turn on Microphone on the PS4 Controller.

Improving your gaming experiences entails learning how to turn on a Microphone on the PS4 controller. This skill improves your auditory and communication abilities and serves as the trigger for an enhanced game experience.

With this knowledge, you will be well-equipped to easily integrate your favourite headset, enriching your entire gaming journey.

How to Turn on Microphone on the PS4 Controller

Compatibility with the PS4 Controller’s Microphone

Compatibility is important when utilizing a microphone with your PS4 controller. The standard connector used in many gaming headsets and microphones, the 3.5mm audio jack, is built into the PS4 controller. Make sure your chosen microphone has this precise 3.5mm connector in order to ensure everything functions flawlessly.

A few gaming microphones may also feature USB connections. These USB ports handle both audio transmission and electricity for the microphone, performing a dual function. You can attach your microphone to one of the USB ports on your PS4 if it has a USB connector. This enables you to use the microphone’s features effectively since power and audio are controlled through the USB connection.

How to turn on the Microphone on the PS4 controller?

Following are the steps you have to follow to learn how to turn on the microphone on the PS4 controller:

Step 1: Connect your headset first

Ensure your gaming headset is connected properly before turning on the microphone on the PS4 controller. The usual connector that fits perfectly into the audio jack on the PS4 controller is the 3.5mm audio plug, so start by choosing a gaming headset with one. The 3.5mm audio jack may be at the bottom of your PS4 controller, so pay attention next.

Make sure a secure connection is made by paying close attention when you carefully put the 3.5mm jack from your gaming headset into this audio port. You can even hear or feel a tiny click when inserted correctly, signifying that the connection is firmly made. Your microphone will work flawlessly thanks to this careful connection technique.

Step 2: Adjust Audio Settings

It’s critical to set up your PS4’s audio settings so that your microphone performs at its best. First, you must turn on your PS4 console and sign into your account to ensure you can access the required settings.

Then, navigate to the “Settings” menu, which you can find at the top of the main menu on the PS4 home screen after logging in. Scroll through the settings options in the “Settings” menu until you reach “Devices.”

The entry point for setting up your audio-related preferences is here. The option you require can be found in the settings menu by selecting “Devices,” specifically “Audio Devices.” By completing this step, you are enabling your microphone for in-game conversation by setting up your PS4 to detect and support the audio capabilities of your gaming headset.

Step 3: Enable Microphone.

Once you have established a physical connection and updated your console’s settings, it’s time to turn on your microphone to ensure clear voice communication. The “Audio Devices” menu may contain the necessary “Input Device” option. This is where you instruct your PS4 to recognize and make use of the connected microphone.

Upon choosing “Input Device,” a list of available input sources will be displayed. Among these options, you will see the microphone linked to your controller. With this selection, the primary audio input source is designated as your attached microphone.

Selecting your microphone from the list instructs your PS4 to use it to record and transmit your voice while playing video games. This stage is essential to the entire process since it enables efficient communication.

Step 4: Put Your Microphone to the Test

It’s critical to ensure your microphone works properly after enabling it. After allowing your microphone, it is important to ensure it functions properly. To do this, return to your PS4’s “Settings” menu. After choosing “Devices” once more, select “Audio Devices.”

A crucial choice under “Audio Devices” in the submenu “Adjust Microphone Level.” You can change the sensitivity of your microphone and guarantee that it accurately records your voice by choosing this option.

As you prepare to test it, speak into your microphone and pay close attention to the on-screen audio level meter. Typically, this indicator is a bar that moves in reaction to the noises it hears. If your microphone correctly picks up your voice while you talk, you should see the bar moving or lighting up in response.

This test is essential for verifying that your microphone is both operational and properly set up. It guarantees you can speak to teammates and friends clearly when playing games, improving your overall gaming experience.

Why is my PS4’s controller microphone not working? How do I fix this?

While understanding how to turn on the mic on the PS4 controller is usually simple, you may run into certain issues that disrupt your gaming experience.

No Audio

When no audio comes through your headset, that is the first problem to solve. Here’s how you can fix it:

  • Make sure the controller is safely linked to your headset. A faulty connection might cause audio issues.
  • If your headset needs an external power source to function, be sure it is turned on. No audio output is occasionally a result of a power shortage.
  • You may check and modify your PS4’s audio output settings by going to “Settings” > “Devices” > “Audio Devices” > “Output Device.” Choose it from the list to ensure audio output is sent to your headset.

Low Microphone Volume

If your microphone volume appears to be too low, take the following actions to resolve the problem:

  • Look for the “Microphone Level” option under “Audio Devices” in the menu.
  • Increase the volume to your desired level by adjusting the microphone level slider.
  • Speak into the microphone while monitoring the audio level indication to check that it has reached the proper loudness. You can improve your communication with others by fine-tuning this setting.

Static or background noise

For good communication, reducing static or background noise is essential. Think about the following actions:

  • To avoid the microphone picking up loud noises or strong breathing noises, place it properly, away from your lips.
  • Check your surroundings to see if the microphone is close to any obstacles or sources of noise. Cleaning the area around the microphone can make a big difference in the audio quality.
  • Consider switching to a different microphone or noise-canceling headset if background noise is still an issue. These choices can help keep gaming sessions quieter.


If your PS4 controller does not identify your microphone or headset, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Check that your microphone or headset works with the PS4 controller. Depending on the brand of your controller, this usually entails a 3.5mm audio socket or a USB connection.
  • To ensure your headset works properly, test it on another device, such as a computer or smartphone. This step aids in determining whether the headset’s hardware causes the problem.
  • Also, ensure that your PS4 system software is up to date. Because updates can improve compatibility with peripherals such as microphones and headsets, keeping your console’s firmware up to date can frequently address compatibility difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to eliminate background noise in the audio from my microphone?

Put your microphone away from your mouth to reduce background noise and prevent picking up strong breathing noises. Remove any obstacles or sources of interference from the area around your microphone.

Can I connect a USB microphone to my PS4 controller?

The audio jack on the PS4 controller is not directly compatible with USB mics. However, you can utilize a USB microphone by attaching it to one of the USB ports on your PS4 console.

Why is my microphone not working on the PS4 controller?

First, double-check the microphone’s secure connection to the controller. Check to see whether the microphone has been muted and that your controller’s battery is not dying. If the problem persists, try a different headset or controller as a troubleshooting step.

Can the PS4 controller’s microphone volume be adjusted?

Yes, you may adjust the microphone level by holding down the PlayStation button to bring up the Quick Menu and then choosing “Sound/Devices.” The loudness of the microphone can then be altered.

Can you communicate with the PS4 controller?

The PS4 Controller includes a microphone for voice chat and voice input. Press the mute button on your controller to mute and unmute your microphone. To set up the microphone, Go to settings>> to set up your controller, a headset, or a USB microphone. >> noises Microphone

Conclusion: How to turn on Microphone on the PS4 Controller

To summarize, understanding how to turn on the microphone on the PS4 controller is a vital skill that improves the overall gaming and communication experience on the platform.

By pressing and holding the PlayStation button, users may instantly activate the microphone function via the Quick Menu, allowing for smooth conversation with friends and fellow gamers. Compatibility with a wide selection of wired and wireless headsets broadens the possibilities accessible to consumers.

Furthermore, the ability to change microphone settings and mute/unmute the microphone guarantees versatility and ease during games. If customers have problems with their microphones, troubleshooting actions such as checking connections, modifying settings, or testing new headsets will frequently remedy the issue.

Overall, knowing how to turn on the microphone on the PS4 controller is an important step in fully utilizing the console’s gameplay and social functions.

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