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An attractive voice is a gift that is not bestowed upon everybody. Some people have this innate quality to allure and convince people with their beautiful tones. Take Morgan Freeman; the guy can keep his audience hooked for hours with his captivating voice; however, if you have clicked on “how to make your voice sound better,” you are probably not one of these people.

It is no problem, really; the majority of people are not blessed with such captivating voices. The people with beautiful voices are so rare that the production companies repeatedly go to the same artist. However, does it mean there is nothing to do? Not! We aren’t saying that you can somehow start speaking like Morgan Freeman, but some tips would help you captivate the audience.

In this article on “how to make your voice sound better,” you would learn some tips and tricks to make yourself more convincing and alluring. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into it.

However, before learning these tricks and tips about how to make your voice better, one must know:

What constitutes an attractive voice? 

One might argue that finding something attractive is subjective, but it is not the case for voices. There is a whole science, the specific reasons, that make some voices much easier or smoother on ears than others. It is the reason, unlike beauty, pretty much everybody would find it attractive if somebody has such a voice.

Simply put, the voices that we usually find attractive are friendlier, warmer, expressive, and well-controlled. On the other hand, the lousy voice is in complete contrast and is often either unnecessarily loud or too quiet, which many of us find tedious and monotonous.

All these characteristics cannot be acquired and are essentially the traits that we are born with. However, another set of qualities also play a crucial role in making a voice attractive. And the best part is, One can acquire these qualities via practice and training. Thus, this is the area that we would focus on in this article on “how to make your voice sound better.”

Familiarity is another factor that tricks your mind into making certain voices more attractive to you. Don’t take my words for it; google the “mere-exposure effect,” and you would know what I have been trying to say. It is also known as familiarity principles and is a fundamental phenomenon in social psychology.

Now that we have established what constitutes an attractive voice, we can identify and isolate the factors that we can manipulate to make a voice sound better. Thus, in the next section of the “how to make your voice sound better,” we will get into details of these factors. So, let’s begin.

How to make your voice sound better?

Several factors make a voice attractive, speed, pitch, loudness, and the list goes on. However, the problem is, there is not a straightforward guide that can help everyone. Some people might have to tone it down a bit, while others have to work on many things.

Thus, when looking at the factors given below, do not expect them to work like magic. These factors will surely put you on the right path, but what works for you? That you have to figure out on your own. So, let’s jump into them and make your voice sound better.

1. Understand Your Voice

The first thing that you need to make your voice sound better in understanding your voice. The best method is to record yourself and understand exactly how you sound. However, while recording the voice, speak as you speak regularly. Don’t try to modify or make it better because that would start you on the wrong foot.

The next thing you want to do is to carefully evaluate the voice for its pitch, speed, volume, and articulation. Repeat this process over and over again till you figure out what exactly you need to work on. Do not try to hasten the process, as it is the key to making the voice sound better.

Another thing that you can do to test your voice is to say A-E-I-O-U, all the vowels, and watch your jaw movements. Most people would feel their jaw-closing on E and U, but some might have difficulty speaking even a single word without closing their jaws. If this happens, you should know there is a problem.

However, the good thing is that it is pretty simple, but it takes a lot of practice and exercise. You need to pull down the jaw with your fingers and try speaking the exact words again. Even better, make a chorus and try to sing it on a single pitch. As you practice this exercise, your muscles will learn and become natural over time.

Take notes after evaluation and work on those particular areas. Besides that, follow the tips given in this article on “how to make your voice sound better,” and trust me, you would see impressive results.

2. Understand How The “Good Speakers” Speak

After evaluation of your voice, you need to evaluate the voices of people that you find attractive. You can do that by listening to your favorite podcasts, interviews of your favorite artists, and streaming audiobooks.

Listen to them repeatedly and try to enlist all the factors that you think are making their voice sound amazing. Analyze their tone, pitch, vocabulary, and every other objective feature that you think contributes to making their voice easy on the ears.

Take the notes and try to emulate these speakers. This process would take time and effort, but this would yield impressive results.

3. Work To Improve Your Pitch

The first thing one notices in a voice is the pitch, and I am sure you would second me on that. It is how people describe the sound, high pitch, and low pitch. So the question is, what type of pitch should one aim for? The answer is pretty straightforward; it is neither low nor high but the steady pitch. It does not matter whether you have a high pitch voice or low pitch; all the matters are keeping it stable.

The unsteady voice gives the impression of nervousness, the uncertainty that sounds like a person who lacks confidence. On the other hand, the steady voice is convincing, calming, and easy on the ears.

The problem is, it is not as easy as it sounds. And trying to change the pitch does not work either. It would make your voice sound even worse as you might be able to start with a more profound and high pitch, but as you converse, it would come back to normal.

So, what should you do? The simplest way is to read books, talk slowly, and most importantly, try to speak from your chest to keep it steady. Humming the songs also helps if the books are not working for you. This process would also take some time, but you would see the improvement soon enough.

4. Speak Slowly and Think Before You Speak

Loud voices are hard on the ears, and nobody finds them attractive. However, it does not mean you start whispering as it is also not a quality of pleasing sound. Just try to keep things moderate and speak calmly even if you are in an argument with someone. Believe me, and it would be far more persuasive.

Secondly, when you are speaking, be aware of what you want to say next and what words you have to use. Some words need to be spoken sharply, while others require a softer undertone. This is where speaking slowly would help as you would be able to enunciate the words rightly. And this would make an excellent impression on your audiences.

Contrary to other tips discussed in “How to make your voice sound better,” this is something that does not need a lot of practice. All it needs is a bit of awareness, and you would realize the benefits in a single conversation.

5.Take The Breaks In Between

When you are speaking, it is essential to know when to stop and when to take pauses. People often pause or stop when they finish the sentences, but taking the breaks between the sentences is also quite beneficial. Do not take my words for it. Just watch the ted talks online, and you would notice how these pauses help the speakers engage with their audiences.

When you pause while speaking, you become the center of attention. It feels as if you are narrating the story, which keeps the people hooked who are listening to you. Take the pauses in the middle of sentences and reflect on your emotions. However, make sure you speak with a steady pace and pitch; otherwise, these pauses would worsen the situation.

This trick is more superficial than others discussed earlier in “How to make your voice sound better,” but it works like a wonder.

6. Compliment Your Voice With Your Facial Expression

Facial expressions are just as important as the pitch, vocab, and tone of your voice. Of all the things discussed earlier in “how to make your voice sound good,” this is of utmost importance. It is the feature that differentiates between a good and average speaker. Your body language should speak the same as your tongue.

Expressionless talks are boring, and regardless of how attractive a voice is, the audience would not find it convincing. So, if you are wondering “how to make your voice sound better,” use your whole body while talking.

Reflect on your emotions, make eye contact, and use your hand gestures. This would make you look confident and add colors to the conversations. So, if somebody ever asks you, “How to make your voice sound good,” this alone would be of great help.

7. Use of Diaphragm

Not many people, except for vocal coaches and singers, realize that they are not using their diaphragm right. An average person uses chest muscles while speaking when one should use a diaphragm instead. Can’t believe it? Just take a breath and you would realize that you are using chest muscles by pushing them forward. This is what we would address lastly in “How to make my voice sound better”.

You might ask what is the problem with using a chest when it is getting the job done? Right? No. The problem with using chest muscle is it does not provide enough oxygen to the lungs which is why you feel the need to breathe again. This interrupts your speech which reflects poorly on the person listening to you.

So, how do you train yourself to breathe from the diaphragm? Follow these instructions given below in “How to make my voice sound better”.

  • Take a look at your posture using the mirror while staying tall and keeping up your chin.
  • Put the hand on the bottom of your belly
  • Try taking deep breathing using your diaphragm and push that hand on your belly.
  • Push the hand forward at the rate of your breathing.
  • Try exhaling while maintaining the pressure on the muscle of your belly and stomach.

I know it sounds difficult but trusts me it is not. And you would begin to see results in no time. However, as we have mentioned several times in “how to make the voice sound better” this would also take a lot of practice and exercise. 

Conclusion – How To Make Your Voice Sound Better

The conclusion is simple and pretty straightforward. Most people are not born with captivating or attractive voices but there are few things that definitely help. These tips discussed in “how to make your voice sound different” would not make you sound like Morgan Freeman or Sofia Vergara but your communication skills would definitely improve. 

Some tips mentioned in “how to make your voice sound different” are easier to learn and yield the effects sooner while others take a lot of practice and exercise. The key is to be persistent and soon enough you would realize that you do not have to put much effort into it.

The Internet is filled with queries like “how to make your voice better”, “how to make your voice more attractive” and “how to get a better voice”. This was our take on “how to make your voice sound better” and other queries related to it. We hope this article has helped you and addressed your concerns on “how to make your voice sound better”. 

In case there is anything that you would want to add or ask about “how to make your voice better”, let us know in the given section. We would love to respond.

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