Best Voice Recording Apps for Android – [6 Best Options]

So, you have purchased the right hardware for recording but for some reason you are not getting the desired results. Why is that? Most likely than not it is because the recording app that you are using is not good enough. Thus, to help you out, we have compiled the list of the best voice recording apps for android that are available in the market.

These apps are so good that even if you cannot afford a separate microphone, you would still be able to get good results from the mic built into your smartphone. Furthermore, we have tested these apps by ourselves and found them to be very effective. Don’t take our word for it, just go on to the Play Store and check for reviews and ratings of each application mentioned in the best voice recording apps for android.

This article on best voice recording apps for android has a piece for everyone. It includes both the free and the ones that need subscriptions. Thus, you would not feel left out even if you cannot afford to buy the apps.

However, the question is what makes the app the best voice recording apps for android? The answer is plain and simple: An app that offers a simple interface and is able to utilize the microphone to its best of potential. And it is exactly what all the applications in this best voice recording apps for android list offer.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into it.

1. ASR Voice Recorder- Interface Does Not Simpler Than This

ASR voice recorder is a free application that is available on the google app store with a decent rating of 4.4 from over 40K users. The app provides a very simple interface and offers a variety of output formats. These formats include MP3, WAV, OGG and FLAC.

However, some people might find the interface too simple, especially individuals who prefer their smartphone a bit more vibrant. Unfortunately, the app does not offer any customization. But hey, it is a voice recorder and it does a pretty damn solid job at it. And it is the only thing one should be concerned about.

Furthermore, the application just takes 11 MB of your mobile space and also allows you to store output on a number of clouds. Thus, by uploading your files on Dropbox and Google Drive you can save a lot of space on your smartphone.

Moving on, the apps offer a number of handy features as well. These include playback speed control, support for Bluetooth devices, the ability to automatically skip to silent parts and a gain switch. It is not very often that one gets all these features from an application that is absolutely free.

2. Dolby On-Exceptional Performance With Beautiful Interface

Dolby on is a free application that contains no ads. I mean how often do you encounter something like this? On the top of that, the application provides some amazing features that musicians would really enjoy.  

The application is available on the google play store with over a million downloads and a rating of 4.4. However, the application weighs about 66 MB and together with all the plug-ins it would easily cross over 150 MB. Thus, you do need a significant amount of storage space in order to get this app up and running.

Moving on, the application has an audio editor built-in. Thus, the tracks that need a little bit of modification can be edited on this as well. Beside that, you get some amazing filters that include noise reduction, fade in and out and even de-essing. Although all these features target the musicians, the application is just as good for everyday recording as well.

In addition to providing excellent performance, the application has a simple yet elegant interface. The interface displays gradients which change as you switch between menus. So, all the people who did not find the former app appealing because of its aesthetics, this one might just be the perfect voice recording application for you.

3. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder-Powerful Recorder For Musicians and Commoner Alike

Hi-Q MP3 is one of if not the only most powerful voice recording applications that are available on the app store. Although even its free version would be good enough for most people, if you want to notch it up a bit, you can spend around 4 USD for the pro version. The rating of Hi-Q MP3 voice recorder on google play store is 4.6 which goes on to show the quality of the app.

The stand out feature of this voice recorder is it saves the recording into MP3 that too in real time. These clips are compact and are able to retain much better quality than standard recording format.

The size of the app depends on the smart device you would install it on. And you can even install it on the smart watch if you want to. Furthermore, since it can be integrated with online clouds like Dropbox and google drive, the space would not be a concerning problem.

Another praise worthy feature of this app is that it detects all the microphones that are present within or are attached with smart devices. It then lets you choose between these microphones so you could get the best possible results.

All of the mentioned features are available on the free version of the apps. And you can get some more by paying a few bucks to the company. The only downside of this app is it does not support call recording. However, beside that, everything from performance to interface is simply too good.

It is the kind of app that is suitable for both regular individuals and musicians alike.

4. RecFroge II Audio Recorder- The One For Pros

RecForge II is an audio recorder that is highly powerful and it does not shy away from reflexing it in its interface. The black background with glossy violet like icons surely make it more aesthetic. The recorder is available free of cost but if you want to get some extra features you would have to purchase the pro version.

The recorder has a rating of 4.0 at google play store along with over 14 thousand customers. The app itself has a very small size of about 12 MB and has integrated cloud storage as well. Thus, you can save all your files on the cloud to save space so the speed of the smart device remains intact.

What makes this one of the best recording apps is the number of features that it offers. It is not just a recorder; it is an editor and player as well. And it does a pretty solid job at all of them. Furthermore, it can even be used as an audio converter and supports plenty of formats.

As a recorder it offers multiple output formats including MP3, m4a, ogg, wma, flac and speex. Plus, it also has a live audio spectrum analyzer which can be used to monitor the audio in real time. And most important of all it can record in the background as well, thus, it can be used for call recordings.

As a player it provides a loop for memorization, bible memory, recitation and actor lines. And some people would also enjoy the stereo audio signals from audio spectrum analyzer. Beside that, you can change the speed, tempo and pitch of the audio using this recorder. These are the features that make it one of the best voice recording apps for android.

5. Easy Voice Recorder- Lives Up to Its Name

Easy Voice Recorder is as its name suggests easy, convenient and yields quality results. The application has a 4.7 rating from over 4 hundred thousand users which should be enough to tell that it really is a great app. In fact, it is the best voice recording application that is available on the google play store.

It is the kind of recorder that does not specialize in any particular area but does a decent enough job at pretty much everything. The application is free of cost but has some in-app purchases if you want to. However, even the free version would be more than enough for most users.

The free version does not restrict you to a few seconds or minutes. You can record as long as you want without even spending a penny. It is things like these that has earned this recorder a huge popularity and has made it the best voice recording application in the market.

The size of the app depends on the device you are using it on. And the option of integrated cloud is also available, though you would have to purchase it.

The free version offers quick start recordings, light and dark themes, shortcut and ease of sharing the file via Bluetooth, email or uploading it to one of your social media accounts. The option to select the ring tone is also available.

As for the pro version, it automatically uploads the file to google drive or Dropbox. Plus, it enables recording in MP3 and AAC. You can also record using the Bluetooth as well. However, the most useful feature is probably the editor that can trim recording and remove unwanted sections from it. These are what make it the best voice recorder application.

Some bonus features that you get with this best voice recorder application are stereo recording, skip silence, volume boost, custom bitrates and import file option. The bottom line is, this best audio recording app would not let you down.

6. Music Maker Jam- Delight For Musicians

The last application to make it to our list of the best audio recording apps is Music Maker Jam and it is a treat for musicians. The app is available free on google app store but offers some in-app purchases. With over 709 thousand reviews, its rating is at 4.5 which speaks for the quality of this app and surely make it the best audio recording app for android.

The best thing about this application is that it suits both professionals and newcomers alike. Be it the DJs, Producer or whatever else capacity, the app would perform just as well for everyone. Furthermore, the app has a very simple interface which can easily be understood by even those who are just starting out.

You can use this best audio recording app for android for creating or remixing the music beats and tracks. Plus, it works for all genres including pop, rock, house and hip-hop.

A quite handy feature of this best mp3 recorder is that it can remix the audio with a simple shake of the smartphone. If you like it, well, it is good, and if you do not, just shake it again and it will produce different results.

Another feature that makes it one of the best mp3 recorders is it offers 300 mix packs and more than 500,000 loops. This can provide a really great head start to the artists and assist them in the entire process of making music. Plus, there are a number of instruments that you can choose from, though you would have to purchase them separately.

In a nutshell, it is one of the best voice recording apps for android especially when it comes to music. The app has good reviews and the basic version is free of cost. So, you have no reason not to give it a chance.

Conclusion – Best Voice Recording Apps For Android

There folks, this is everything that we had on the best voice recording apps for android. We hope the list has covered all the audiences including both musicians and those that need recorder for casual daily life to life tasks.

In case we have left anything from the best voice recording apps for android or you have anything to add about it, let us know in the given section. We would love to respond to your queries related to the best voice recording apps for android.

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