How To Clean AirPods Microphone (The Ultimate Guide)

AirPods are one of Apple’s most popular products used by users around the world, not only for the quality audio but the convenience they offer. The connectivity with Apple’s devices is seamless, and the lightweight almost makes you forget about them.

That said, using AirPods for a longer duration, especially outsides, makes them prone to dust and debris. The ear wax also accumulates in certain spots, causing them to malfunction.

You must know How To Clean AirPods Microphone to get the best audio quality and longevity from these devices, which is exactly what this article will explain.

Let’s get on with it;

How To Clean AirPods Microphone

How To Clean AirPods Pro Mic – Apple’s Method  

If you look in the box that contains AirPods, you will see a user manual that has a section dedicated to the cleaning of AirPods. In case you have misplaced it, these are the steps you should follow according to the manufacturer;

  • Get a lint-free cloth and dampen it with water. Use the piece of clothing to wipe the body of AirPods, similar to how you clean the screen of your iPhone.
  • Let the AirPods dry completely before putting them back in the case, as it risks damage to charging terminals.
  • You can clean the microphones and the mesh areas by grabbing an ear-cleaning bud stick and then getting the wax and other debris out of them. A dry cotton swab can also be used, similar to how you clean your ear.
  • While cleaning the AirPods, ensure no liquid enters the opening to avoid technical malfunction.
  • Never use sharp objects to poke and clean the mesh, such as pins.

How To Thoroughly Clean AirPods – How To Clean AirPod Pro Microphone

Apple’s recommended method works for most users, particularly for those who clean their AirPods regularly. However, users who rarely clean the AirPods often have debris and wax accumulated in hard-to-reach areas in mesh and crevices. That said, there is nothing to worry about because we have got you covered.

To thoroughly clean your AirPods, you will require a cleaning solution such as a Blu Tack and a toothpick. The plastic ones also work, but the wooden sticks will be better because they do not shed easily.

Once you have got the required supplies, proceed to the following steps;

  • Cut a small piece of Blu-Tack and warm it by putting it in the palm of your hand. It will help you get the wax and debris out of the AirPods speaker and mesh.
  • Grab the Airpods and gently roll it on your palm slowly. Every corner of the Airpods should be rolled against the palm to get the debris out of them. As you roll them, the dust and debris will start collecting on your palm, leaving the Airpod in pristine condition.
  • Ensure that you are not rolling too hard because it will break the mesh, and the solution might get into the speakers, which will be an even bigger problem.
  • While the process will remove most of the dust and debris from the AirPods, the residue can be picked up by a wooden toothpick. Again, be careful while picking the debris from microphones and speakers, as it can break the mesh and expose you to more problems.

How To Clean AirPod Pro Microphones

Cleaning AirPod Pro microphones is the same as cleaning AirPods. The only difference is the silicon sleeves, which should be removed before proceeding with the abovementioned steps. As for the cleaning of silicone sleeves, the following method can be tried;

  • Remove the silicon sleeves from the AirPods and immerse them in soapy water. It will soften the dust and debris that accumulated owing to prolonged use. Leave the sleeves inside while you clean the rest of the AirPods by following the abovementioned steps.
  • Get the sleeves out of the water and wash them under the running tap water. It will clear off the minor pieces of debris stuck inside. Do not use any type of brush to get it out, as it will risk damage to sleeves and might loosen them, which will not fit tightly in the ears.
  • Let the sleeves dry and ensure they are completely free of moisture before attaching them to the AirPods.

How To Clean AirPods Pro Case – How To Clean AirPods Mics

While cleaning Airpods Pro, it is important to clean the case too, because the case is more prone to accumulation of dust and debris. Leaving it uncleaned will quickly make the AirPods dirty and might even clog the speakers or block the charging terminals. The process of cleaning AirPods is also simple and can be carried out by the following steps;

  • Get a soft-bristled brush, but ensure it is dry to remove debris from the lightning connector at the bottom of the case.
  • Do not use too stiff a brush or abrasive material to clean the bottom, as it can damage the connector and coat paint on the AirPods. Also, avoid contact with metallic objects with the charging port, as they can damage it.
  • Use the same brush to clean the hinge and the opening of the lid, but if it does not work, move to the next step.
  • Get an alcoholic swab or dip a piece of cotton into isopropyl alcohol. Use the cotton swab to get the debris and dust off it. 
  • You can use the solutions like Blu-Tac to remove the debris from the hinge and lid opening.
  • To clean the inside of the AirPods, you will need multiple ear-cleaning buds and dip them in the solution containing Blue Tack. You can make a DIY stick by attaching a small cotton piece at the top of a small wooden piece.
  • Roll the cotton piece inside the AirPods to get the dust and debris out of them. Ensure thorough cleaning of charging terminals, as wax and debris on them can block charging and cause AirPods to malfunction. 
  • Let the AirPods dry for a minute, and then start using them to experience the difference.

How to get water out of Airpod mic

AirPods Pro are water resistant, but the previous generations are not. Furthermore, the AirPods can also withstand water to a certain degree, which is why it is always the best idea to remove water from them before use. You can follow these steps to get the water out of them;

Turn the AirPods off if they are still on, and use a dry cloth to remove the excess water.

Let the AirPods dry completely before putting them in a container alongside Silica Gel Packets.

Let the Silica Gel packets swell up and pair them with the device again.

Download the Water Ejector Application from the Apple Store and Run them. These applications use low-frequency sound waves to eject the water through speakers.

Let the AirPods dry for a few minutes before using them again.

Conclusion – How To Clean AirPods Microphone

If the Airpods are not delivering the same sound quality or causing problems while you are speaking through them, it is a sign to clean them.

There are several methods, but the best ones are those the manufacturer recommends. We have tried to explain them comprehensively and hope you find them helpful. Thank you! 

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