Where is the Microphone on iPhone 12 | Detailed Guide

iPhone 12 is known for its incredible camera which delivers exceptional footage. The audio quality of the smartphone is also quite nice, but sometimes you may get muffled sounds.

It can be a problem because it not only compromises the quality of your shots but also causes trouble while you are calling or FaceTime with your friends and family.

Knowing where is the microphone on iPhone 12 will help you troubleshoot the problem, which is exactly what we will discuss in the piece.

where is the microphone on iphone 12

iPhone 12 Microphone Locations – How Many Microphones Are There?

While you need only one microphone for calls and recording the audio for the shots, smartphones in today’s time are far from the bare minimum.

Like all flagship smartphones, iPhone 12 has not one, not two, but three different microphones at strategic locations to make the most of them. These include the following;

1. Bottom Microphone

The bottom microphone on iPhone 12 is located, as the name indicates, at the bottom of the phone behind the holes around your lighting connector.

It does the basic purpose of picking up your voice while you are making a voice call or recording a voice note on messaging applications.

2. Camera Microphone

The camera Microphone is located at the back of the iPhone 12 right by the side of the camera. It picks up the audio for the videos you record using the camera.

That said, the camera does not pick audio for the footage made with the front camera. The camera microphone also doubles as a noise cancellation mic when either of the two other microphones is recording.

3. Top Microphone

The third and last microphone of the iPhone is located at the front of your phone right beside the earpiece. It records audio while you are using your front camera to make a video or to video call someone. Like the camera microphone, the top microphone also doubles as a noise-cancellation mic when it is required.

Is There A Difference In The Locations Of Microphones in iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Mini?

The layout and the number of microphones are the same on all of the iPhone 12 models. So, regardless of which model you are using, you would not have to ask where is the mic on the iPhone 12, if you have read the aforementioned section. 

How To Troubleshoot Microphone on iPhone 12

There can be several reasons why microphones are not working on iPhone 12, and this section will explain how to fix them. Here is what you need to do;

Identify The Malfunctioning Microphone

As discussed earlier, iPhone 12 has three microphones and each of them has a different purpose. So, it is likely that you will experience problems in only one aspect of your usage if a microphone is not working properly. 

For example, if the bottom microphone is not working, it will cause problems when you try to make calls or record voice notes on WhatsApp or other messaging applications.

Similarly, the audio quality of the video footage will be subpar if the camera microphone does not work as it is supposed to.

And lastly, you will experience problems with audio while FaceTime and footage made with a front camera if the top microphone stops working. Once you have identified the microphone that is not working, you can proceed to solutions to fix them.

Clean The Microphone Grill

Microphones often stop working because of the debris that gets stuck in them. In these cases, you will hear muffled sounds, which will become clearer if you speak loudly or directly into the microphone. To fix this, you need to clean the microphone grill, but it is a delicate task.

Be mindful that these holes are tiny and require special care while cleaning. You can get a specialized cleaning kit or use a soft brush to clean the grill thoroughly. While cleaning the grill keep the openings of the grill downwards so the gravity does its job. 

Test the microphone again and if it is not working, take the phone to professionals who will use specialized tools to clear the microphone of dust and debris.

See if the protective case is blocking the microphone

Another common reason why users experience problems with iPhone microphones is the protective cases, especially when they are not made for iPhone 12.

Locate the microphone that is not working then look if the case is blocking the microphone. If it is blocking the microphone, throw away the case and purchase a new one that is made particularly for iPhone 12.

Some users also laminate their iPhones with a thin sheet for added protection against abrasions, but if it is not done by a professional, the microphone can start causing problems.

Restart The Device

Sometimes the microphone can stop working because of a software glitch, which can be fixed by simply rebooting the device. Also, try to find if there is an unknown application that has permission to access microphones. Uninstall such an application and reboot the device again.

You may also experience a problem with microphones if the apps you are using do not have permission to access microphones.

For example, if you have downloaded a third-party camera application and have not given it permission to access the microphones, the shots made by it would not have any audio.

You can verify whether indeed the permissions are the issue by opening the default application and checking whether the microphone works on them.

Take The Phone To Professional

If you have tried all of the mentioned fixes and none of them has worked, it is likely there is a hardware problem. Do not try to fix it yourself as it is a complex device that requires trained professionals with the necessary hardware at your disposal. Take the phone to professionals or send it to Apple repair services to fix the problem.

Conclusion –   Where is the microphone on iPhone 12

Knowing about the hardware of your smart devices makes troubleshooting much easier. It enables you to identify the components causing problems and take steps to fix them.

We hope this article has helped you understand everything you need to know about the locations of microphones on iPhone 12.

We have also discussed the basic tips to fix malfunctioning microphones, but there are so many things that can go wrong. So, if none of the tips work, it is best to contact Apple support and send the phone for repairs. That is all for this piece. We hope it has helped.

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