How To Connect Wireless Microphone To Speaker

You are probably here because you have purchased a solid set of speakers and want to give a taste of it to your friends by hosting a Karaoke night, but things are not just coming together.

There is nothing to worry about, and the devices are definitely not unfit or incompatible. It is just that sometimes maneuvering and navigating around these devices can be hard, especially for those new to them.

We have put together this guide on “How To Connect Wireless Microphone to Speaker” to sort out every possible issue you might be experiencing. This article is broken down into subtopics to address each query comprehensively.

Let’s get on with it;

How To Connect Wireless Microphone To Speaker

First Things First

There are certain things you need to know before we proceed to our guide, and it is the information about the devices you are trying to connect.

You must know the type of devices you have and then proceed to a guide that fits your situation the best. Typically, most users will experience three situations, which include the following;

  • Wired Microphone and Wired Speakers
  • Wired Microphones and Wireless Speakers
  • Wireless Microphone and Wireless Speaker

There is a fourth situation too, which involves wireless microphones and wired speakers. Unfortunately, these devices cannot be paired together because, in this context, the term “wireless” implies that speakers have Bluetooth installed in them.

Hence, if the microphone is only wireless and the speakers do not have Bluetooth, the devices cannot be paired together. You will have to purchase either a new speaker or a new microphone to get sort of your situation.

However, if you are experiencing one of the three mentioned situations, you should proceed with the guide.

Situation Number 1: Wired Microphone and Wired Speakers

This is the most common and probably the easiest situation to fix. Here is what you need to do;

See The Type Of Wire Speakers Support

Most modern wired microphones and speakers use an Aux Cable or XLR connector. Typically, you get XLR connectors on studio-grade microphones, while those for general use support Aux connectors.

However, there are some speakers, particularly the old models, that use RCA cable. The RCA cable splits into two, typically in white and red, for input and output.

You must know the type of cable the speakers support to get the right cable for the microphones. If it supports Aux, it solves half the problem, but if it comes with RCA connectors, you will have to purchase an Aux to RCA cable online. You can also visit a departmental store nearby to get one, as most of them still have them.

Once you have got the right cable, move to the next step.

Plug The Microphone With Speakers

The next step is to plug the cable into the speakers. As mentioned earlier, it is easier with the Aux, but you will have to be careful using the NCA cable.

Find the ports for input, and plug in the black cable that extends out of it. That said, the color scheme can vary between different cables, which is why you should look at the manual and find out the color for input. 

Turn The Speakers On

Turn the speakers on, but keep the volume low to avoid unwanted noise, as you are only testing if the microphone is working on this step. Speak in the microphone and see if the speakers respond to it. If not, try changing the cable and speaking again. 9 out of 10 times, it will work.

Adjust Tone/Pitch

Once the microphone is connected to the speakers, all left is to tweak the tone and pitch settings and make it sound the way you want it to. Typically, there are dials on speakers that will help you adjust the sound output. Adjust them according to your preference and start the party.

That said, some speakers may not come with these dials, so you will have to adjust them via master volume or another device, such as a laptop or desktop, that is connected to them.

Situation Number 2: Wired Microphone and Wireless Speakers

This situation is also not that difficult to resolve as you do not have too much besides what is discussed in the section mentioned above. However, it must be noted the situation can only be fixed if the speaker allows input from a wired device, which they typically do. 

  • You have to locate the input port on the speakers to connect the microphone. It will either be on the back of the microphone or at the top. If you are struggling to find the location, it is best to open the manual with the speakers and see the location of the input. Again, the determination of the type of cable it supports is important. Once you have located the input port and the type of cable that goes with it, connect the devices together.
  • Turn the speakers on, but this time the speakers will not work like mentioned in the previous section. You have to make an additional step, which is to change the source of input for the speakers. Typically, the speakers have three to four modes, including Bluetooth, AUX, Radio, and external media such as DVDs.
  • You can switch between different remotes either via the remote control or the source/mode button on the speakers. Clicking on the mentioned button will switch between the modes. You have to stop when it switches to Aux or Wired input.
  • Now start speaking the microphone, and you will hear the sound coming from the speakers. Like the previous steps, adjust the settings according to your preference and get on with your party.

Situation Number 3: Wireless Microphone and Wireless Speakers

Situation number 3 is slightly tricky, although it looks simple on paper. While both devices have Bluetooth installed in them, the two cannot communicate with each other.

See, when you connect the speakers or microphone with a smart device such as a smartphone, laptop, or desktop PC, there is an entire window design to establish communication between the devices. 

You can initiate the pairing of devices through this window, but the speakers and microphones intrinsically do not offer such a feature.

Yes, the smart speakers connected to a laptop may offer some help, but you would not be here without that type of device. So, here is what you need to do;

Get The Required Accessories – Karaoke Microphone Bluetooth

Unfortunately, there is no way to establish a connection between such two devices without additional accessories. Luckily, the accessories are readily available and do not have expensive price tags; these include a receiver and a Bluetooth transmitter.

Once you have got the required accessories, you can proceed to the following steps;

The receiver you will purchase has an aux port, and the transmitter has an aux connector. Connect the two devices.

Connect the receiver with the speakers to the newly purchased transmitter, and turn it on. You have to connect it to the input port.

Next up, turn the devices on, including the transmitter and the wireless microphone. Put the microphone in pairing mode.

The transmitter will send an activated Bluetooth signal and connect with your wireless microphone.

Now that the microphone is connected switch to the Bluetooth in the speakers and allow it to connect with the same transmitter. Once the connection of both devices with the transmitter is successful, the two are paired.

Try speaking the microphone and hearing if the speakers respond to it. You will hear the sound coming out of them. Depending on the type of transmitter, you can connect other devices, such as smartphones and laptops, with it too. It allows you to input the audio from different sources at once and make the experience more lively. 

FAQs – Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone

Is Bonoak Microphone any good for Karaoke?

Bonaok microphone is a purpose-built Karaoke Bluetooth microphone that offers 3 in one feature. You can use it to play music, karaoke, and use it as a megaphone.

How to connect Bluetooth Wireless Microphone with speakers?

You can connect the wireless microphone to speakers by purchasing an additional cable if the microphone allows that. If not, you will have to connect both devices using an additional transmitter and receiver, which establishes the connection between these devices.

What are wireless Bluetooth speaker microphones?

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Microphones are unique devices that offer 3-in-one functions. They have microphones and speakers built into one unit. You can switch between different modes to use them as wireless speakers, microphones, and a karaoke setup.

Conclusion – How To Connect Wireless Microphone To Speaker

Microphones and speakers are not complex devices on their own, but when they come together, certain situations can be overwhelming for those new to them.

They often struggle to establish a connection between two devices or cannot adjust the audio output as per their preferences. However, it is not a big deal as both situations can be resolved quite easily, as we have explained in this article. 

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