The Best ASMR Microphone | Buying Guide (2024)

ASMR videos have become quite popular and a profitable market for content creators in recent years. The tingling sensation is therapeutic for the audience and helps with anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

It has compelled the creators to produce more content which is where ASMR microphones come in. In this article, we will enlist what we believe are the best ASMR microphones. We have tested some of these microphones ourselves.

And for others, we have compiled the opinions of the reviewers. The article would be helpful for both beginners and professionals alike. Let’s find out what these best ASMR microphones have to offer. Before going into detailed reviews, let’s take a bird’ eye view of the specifications of these microphones.

Best ASMR Microphones | Top 10 Picks

MicrophonePolar PatternConnectorPrice
RODE NT1-A Cardioid XLRCheck Price
Audio Technica AT2050 Multiple Pattern XLRCheck Price
Audio Technica AT875R Cardioid XLRCheck Price
Shure SM7B Cardioid XLRCheck Price
Blue Yeti Multiple Pattern XLR/ USBCheck Price
RODE NT USB Cardioid USBCheck Price
ZoomH1n Stereo WirelessCheck Price
HyperX Quad Cast Multiple Pattern USBCheck Price
Tascam DR-40X Stereo WirelessCheck Price
LyxPro SDPC-2 Multiple Pattern XLRCheck Price

1- RODE NT1-A | A Value Microphone For Beginners

best asmr microphone

NT1-A by Rode is a value product and has received decent reviews from users. The microphone is very popular amongst voiceover artists. And several audiobooks have used this for the recording. That said, it is just as good at recording ASMR audios as well.

The best ASMR microphone has a solid and sturdy design with a nickel satin finish to add more charm to it. It is rugged enough to withstand accident falls without sustaining critical damage. We have dropped it multiple times during our tests but it has not sustained any damage apart from a few scratches here and there.

NT1-A features a large diaphragm that enables it to capture more sound. It is large enough to not miss any detail. However, one must be careful about the noise around as it would capture that as well. The golden membrane filters most of these noises out but you still need to be vigilant.

Furthermore, this best ASMR microphone has very low self-noise. It essentially means that you can record even the faintest of sounds without producing any distortion. But again, you need to be very careful about the surroundings to keep the audio clear and sharp.

The polar pattern on NT1-A is cardioid which counteracts the noise problem to some extent. It can record only from one direction and blocks the noise from other sides. This keeps the audio clear and free of distortion. Despite that, you should keep the surroundings clear of any potential noise to get the best of results.

The best ASMR microphone comes with a complete package that contains everything you need to make a start. It includes a studio-grade shock mount, pop shield, and all the other necessary accessories. It uses XLR as a connector which is studio standard and gets easily connected with other devices.

You should be mindful that like most ASMR microphones it requires phantom power as well. You need to get a preamp capable of delivering 24/48V to make the microphone work. If you are new to this ASMR world this is something you need to get used to.

  • Complete package-comes with all accessories
  • Very low self-noise
  • Extremely sensitive
  • Wide frequency response
  • Reasonably priced
  • Does not support USB connection

2- Audio Technica AT2050 | Compels You To Explore Different Options

best microphones for asmr

AT2050 is one of the versatile microphones to make it to our list of the best ASMR microphones. It gets versatility by the virtue of multiple polar patterns which you can switch between. You can choose omni, cardioid, or figure of eight depending on the task at hand.

The microphone has an elegant and rugged design. And it comes with two years of limited warranty. The warranty does not cover a whole lot of things but it is still a good option to have. Chances are, you would not even need it. We have tested this microphone to its limit and it has performed great when it comes to durability.

As for the performance, it is exactly what you expect from the likes of Audio Technica. The large diaphragm of the microphone enables it to capture more sound. Combine it with the wide frequency range and you have a really capable microphone at your service.

The sensitivity of the microphone has utmost importance when it comes to recording ASMR audios. Fortunately, AT2050 is sensitive to low pitch and sounds that enable it to record even the faintest of sounds. It is the details in audio that produce those tingling sensations in your body. And this microphone ensures you record the audio down to the tiniest of details.

The self-noise is also minimal which keeps the audio clear even when the audio has low pitch and frequency sounds. However, you must pay keen attention to your surroundings and block all the potential sources of noise. The high sensitivity of the best ASMR microphone can backfire sometimes because of the voices and noises in the proximity.

You can work around it by using high pass or low pass filters with your microphones. The high pass filters will attenuate the low frequencies such as wind and your movements to deliver clearer audio. Low pass filters attenuate high frequencies. You can switch between two filters according to the job at hand.

This filter passes along with other accessories like shock mount and protective pouch come bundled in the package. You would not have to go through the hassle of finding appropriate accessories to get you started. This is one of the reasons that make it the best ASMR microphone on the market.

  • All accessories come in the package
  • Elegant and sturdy design
  • Wide frequency range
  • High sensitivity
  • Minimal self-noise
  • Multiple polar pattern
  • Fragile button that changes polar pattern

3- Audio Technica AT875R | Guarantees Precision & Accuracy

best asmr microphone

AT875R is a shotgun microphone, a type that is ideal for recording ASMR audios. You can achieve a great deal of precision and accuracy in sound recording with this best ASMR microphone. It features a small and narrow diaphragm that can only record what is in front of it. All the other sounds in the surroundings get blocked.

That said, it has some shortcomings of its own. While it can record the sound precisely from narrow sources it cannot do the same from the sources that are wide and open. Take drums, for example, their waves have a wider distribution which such mics cannot record effectively. And this is what you should be mindful of while making the purchase.

Moving on, this best ASMR microphone features a very basic and simple design. In fact, I would go on to say that the design is rather dull. But when it comes to performance, you would witness quite a contrast. Be it the recording quality, durability or the quality of accessories it aces all the tests.

At only 7 inches it is one of the most compact shotgun microphones that you would come across. You can mount it on the DSLR to record the ASMR videos and audios at the same time. It remains effective even if you stand at a distance from the subject. And the weight of the mic is also very light which would not weigh you down while recording the footage.

The sound quality is clear thanks to the excellent off-axis noise block. The self-noise is also negligible which makes it an ideal option for ASMR artists.

Audio Technica packs some accessories into the package which are enough to get you started. But if you want to mount it on camera an adapter is required which does not come with the package. You would have to purchase that separately which is a fair ask considering the price of the microphone.

  • Narrow angle of acceptance
  • Minimal self-noise
  • Robust construction
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Excellent off-axis noise filtration
  • Does not come with XLR to USB adapter
  • Does not have headphone jack to real-time monitoring

4- Shure SM7B | Dynamic Mic For Indoor Recordings

best microphones for asmr

Shure SM7B is a high-end, all-around microphone which is an excellent option for ASMR artists. By the virtue of being dynamic, it does not require phantom power. More importantly, if the phantom power is present the microphone takes no effect from it.

Contrary to popular belief, dynamic mics are useful devices for indoor recordings. Sure, they are not as sensitive as condenser mics but they do provide some advantage over them. And when these areas are well-built as Shure SM7B, they give solid competition to their condenser counterparts.

The frequency range of this microphone is 50 Hz-20KHz. Although Shure SM7B performs well at low frequencies, it shines when it comes to high frequencies. ASMR artists who use instruments with high frequency would get the most benefit from it.

The response to the frequency is flat, clean, and natural. Unlike budget mics, the response remains consistent at both high and low frequencies. It enables you to record exceptional ASMR audios that are guaranteed to produce goosebumps in listeners.

The aluminum in the structure makes it robust and solid without adding much weight to it. The design is also very simple and comes in plain black color. The diaphragm is fairly large which complements the dynamic design of the microphone. This wide and large-diaphragm enables the mic to capture audio from distance precisely and accurately.

The cardioid polar pattern provides maximum off-axis rejection and brings more clarity into the subject. Besides this, the microphone uses several other mechanisms to cut down noise and bring transparency into the audio.

Shure has improved the rejection of electromagnetic hum which reduces the interferences emitted from electronics. The pop-filter is highly effective against explosive breath sounds. The add-on protection is no longer required. But if you still think you need them, Shure packs windshield and close-talk windscreen in the package.

With this best ASMR microphone, you do not limit yourself to a particular type of content. It is a great mic and a versatile one as well. You can record amazing podcasts, voiceovers, and even vocals with this microphone. Give it a shot and you would find it worthy of the investment.

  • Metallic structure
  • Large diaphragm
  • Flat and natural frequency response
  • Highly effective pop-filter
  • Multiple noise reduction mechanism
  • Not as good on low frequencies

5- Blue Yeti Pro | USB Makes The Connection Convenient

best asmr microphone

If there is one thing customers hate more than others it would be the need for another device to make the first one work. Finding and buying the first thing is hard enough and to think it requires another device to run. This is what happens to beginners when they browse the market for mics.

Fortunately, Blue Yeti Pro has come to its rescue with its USB connectivity. The users no longer need an interface or an adapter to convert the XLR into a USB. It is all built-in. All you have to do is to connect it with the pc and start recording.

The cherry on top is the performance of this microphone. One can assume that XLR has some superiority over USB but this mic debunks it all together. The performance of Yeti pro is just as good as XLR mics within this price bracket. On top of it, the XLR connector is also available for those who do not find a USB satisfactory.

The microphone itself is highly effective in recording ASMR audios. But when you combine it with the software bundles it takes things to the next levels. You would find a plethora of features and plug-ins in these applications that would make your ASMR audios distinctive.

Furthermore, the mic features multiple polar-pattern to switch between. All these features compel you to experiment with them and be more creative in your content. As the content starts to improve you would notice a growth in your followers and listeners.

It also has a headphone jack incorporated inside it. The artists can plug in the headphone to monitor the recording in real-time and make adjustments if required. Besides these, Blue Yeti Pro checks all the boxes when it comes to basics. Robust design, flat and wide frequency response, low impedance, and self-noise, it has it all.  

The price of the best ASMR microphone is not cheap but it is not unreasonable as well. All the mics with features as good as this would cost exactly the same and sometimes even more. The point to ponder is whether it justifies the investment and that it surely does.

  • Headphone jack is available
  • USB for easy connection
  • Multiple polar pattern
  • Very wide frequency range
  • Minimal self-noise
  • Not as sensitive as others on the list

6- RODE NT-USB | Does Not Miss Faintest of Details

best microphones for asmr

Recording the low frequencies effectively is the key to making an enjoyable ASMR audio. And RODE NT USB lets you do exactly that. It is one of the best microphones for ASMR when it comes to catching low frequencies.

It features an all-metal design and has a nice weight to it. The overall structure is sturdy and durable. Accidental drops would not do any damage to this microphone. It looks great as well and is a decent element to have in your videos.

You get two knobs on the side of this microphone. These are well built and do not look like they are coming off the microphone. One of the dials controls the volume of the headphone and the other lets you manage the sound source. You can set it between microphone and computer depending on what you want to do.

The polar pattern on this mic is cardioid which provides a nice off-axis rejection. In fact, it is one of the best ASMR microphones in the category. Even if there are multiple sound sources in the proximity the microphone has the potential to isolate the one you want to record. We have tested it using acoustic, electronic guitars, and keyboards and it has left us surprised.

The low-frequency pick-up is right up there with the best microphones for ASMR. But it is not the same for high frequencies. You do get some clipping when you try to record electric guitars or drums with this device.

The feature that I personally really like about this best ASMR microphone is the zero-latency headphone jack. It gives you real-time monitoring of the recording and enables you to manage it effectively. You can also adjust the volume of the headphone with the dial on the side of them.

Furthermore, it uses a USB jack for connectivity which is convenient for people who lack studio-grade equipment. All you have to do is to plug it into the computer and it will start working. It is compatible with all the operating systems out there including iOS.

All the accessories that you would need to get started come with the package. You would not have to go through the hassle of finding the right set of accessories for it.

  • Great at recording low frequencies
  • Excellent off-axis rejection
  • Zero latency headphone jack
  • Solid build quality
  • Ease of connection
  • Clips at higher frequencies

7- Zoom H1n Digital Handy Recorder | Wireless and Versatile

best asmr microphone

Zoom H1n is a unique, handheld microphone that is the best ASMR microphone when it comes to recording ambient sound. It is wireless, easy to operate, and affordable which makes it an excellent choice as an entry-level microphone. The microphone is versatile and has several applications including the recording of ASMR audios. In fact, it is the best microphone for ASMR.

It features integrated stereo microphones on top of it. These mics are great for recording ambient sound, foley, or any other audio coming from multiple sources. The dial right beneath these mics manages the gains of the device. A 3.5mm TRS jack is available on the left side for additional input. You can use all sorts of external mics with it.

On the right side, you get a headphone jack with zero latency. It provides real-time monitoring of the audio recording. You also get a speaker at the front. The speaker is not great but can come in handy at times.

It is a wireless device that uses lithium batteries and requires a microSD card to store the audio. The output comes in MP3 with 48 to 320kbps depending on the microphone settings and the type of audio.

A low-cut feature comes in handy to cut out clothing rustles, wind, air conditioners, and other such stuff. To record ASMR audio you would have to turn it off as you want to have all these things in your audios. You can turn it back on when you really want to isolate the sound of the source.

A limiter feature is also available which prevents the distortion of audio when the sound gets too loud. It is not something you would use too often to record ASMR but it can come in handy at times.

The best thing about this recorder is the charging mechanism. You can use a power bank and USB cable to charge the mic even when you are on the road. The battery life is about 10 hours which is more than enough for most people.

  • Excellent battery life
  • Great at capturing ambient sounds
  • Compact design
  • Easy to operate
  • Multiple noise cancellation mechanism
  • Build quality does not fee premium

8- HyperX QuadCast | Cannot Get Any Better

best microphones for asmr

HyperX QuadCast is the best ASMR microphone in the budget category you would come across. It has received maximum ratings with over ten thousand reviews on The mic checks all the boxes are it the build quality, performance, or versatility.

It is an ideal mic for people who are starting out. It is convenient to operate, easy to connect, and provides several features to explore. The structure of the mic is robust and is treatable for the eyes. It complements gamers, live streamers, and podcasters. The LEDs add further charm to it.

If we talk about polar patterns, you can switch between cardioid, bidirectional and omnidirectional. The versatility allows you to experiment and be more creative in your content. All the polar patterns are true and provide decent off-axis rejection.

The unique thing about this mic is despite being a condenser it does not require phantom power. You can simply connect it with the PC via USB and it would start working. And it is compatible with all major operating systems including iOS.

The best microphone for ASMR also has gain control to manage the input into it. And the headphone jack is also available to monitor the recording in real-time. It is a zero-latency jack which means you would not experience the lag between input and output.

The frequency range is wide and the response of the microphone is flat apart from few frequencies. The self-noise is also minimal which keeps the audio clarity of the distortion. It is also effective in blocking interference from the broadband devices in proximity. All these characteristics help you create unmatchable ASMR videos.

All the necessary accessories come with the package to get you started. The most important of these is the shock mount which blocks unwanted vibrations and keeps the audio clean. It isolates the mic and suppresses the sounds of rumbles with the elastic rope suspension.

Some users have complained about the constant static hiss coming out of the microphone. However, in our testing, we did not experience any such issues. Either way, it is not a good enough reason to drop the microphone. You should at least test it by yourself and if you experience the issue the return option is always available.

  • Versatile microphone- multiple polar pattern
  • Elegant design
  • Affordable price
  • Gain control option
  • Wide and flat frequency response
  • Comes with all the accessories
  • Some users complain about static hiss

9- Tascam DR-40X | Professional Grade Handheld Mic

best asmr microphone

Tascam DR is the second handheld audio recorder to make it to our list of the best mics for ASMR. It is a professional recorder with a plethora of applications including ASMR videos. The design is basic and simple but it provides a lot of features.

At the top of it, you get two stereo mics that are really great at capturing the ambient sound. Right below it you get a screen displaying all the necessary information. Jacks for headphones and external mics are also available. The operations of the microphone are simple and easy to operate.

The design of the recorder is not compact which may cause a few problems. You cannot hide in the pocket of artists like other handheld recorders. But there are hundreds of other ways you can go about it. So, it really should not be a big deal.

The recorder is one of the best mics for ASMR videos largely because of its ability to capture faint sounds. It does not perform as well for loud sounds but it absolutely aces the low frequencies and sounds.

Among other features, what I found best about this best mic for ASMR is overdubbing. It eliminates the need of recording whole different audio if you feel a part lacks something. All you have to do is to play the part you want to change and overwrite it with a new recording. Trust me, this feature would come in handy all the time with ASMR videos.

The best mic for ASMR has four channels two of which are stereo. It is a fine upgrade from its predecessors. Another upgrade in this microphone is the battery which provides almost 18 hours of backup. It is more than any of the artist’s needs. And the best thing is it uses USB type B for charging which is readily available.

Lastly, it goes without saying that it is a wireless recorder and needs a microSD card. The device can support up to 128GB of SD card which would give approximately 192 hours of recording.

  • Extended battery life
  • Four channels including two stereos
  • Simple and easy operation
  • Versatile device
  • Excellent for recording faint sounds
  • Does not perform as well for higher frequencies

10- LyxPro SDPC-2 | Cheaper Option For Beginners

best microphones for asmr

If you are on a budget and want to get your hands on a cheap ASMR microphone, we hear you. The LyxPro is just the right fit for you. It is a cheap ASMR microphone, has decent performance, and comes with all the accessories. In just under 150$ you get a pair of quality microphones that come nicely packed in the aluminum case.

You can switch between multiple polar patterns with these microphones. However, the mechanism is a little different. Unlike most microphones, it comes with three different capsules that go on to the mic. Each of these capsules has a different polar pattern and decides which part of the mic would pick the audio. It is relatively inconvenient than pushing to change but there is only so much you can get at such a price.

The frequency range of the microphone is wide and mostly flat. At lower frequencies, the quality is right up there with the top microphones. But at higher frequencies, you do experience some distortion in the audio.

It is a condenser microphone and uses an XLR connector to connect with other devices. Phantom power is not required but it would not affect it even if it is present.

Moving on, the microphone comes with accessories like a windscreen, tilt microphone clips, and a carrying bag. The aluminum carrying bag keeps the microphone secure and makes them easy to transport.

We must mention that these microphones are not as durable as some of the others on this list of the best ASMR mic. You would have to take great care of them to make them last. The accidental drops or manhandling can cause damage to the microphones.

  • Come at a cheap price
  • Phantom power is not required
  • Packed in a solid aluminum case
  • Excellent at low frequencies
  • Decent sensitivit
  • Fragile design
  • Not good at high frequencies

Buyer Guide For Finding The Best ASMR Microphone  

People who are familiar with microphones know what constitutes the best ASMR microphone. However, beginners find it hard to understand what is really important for an ASMR mic. In this section, we will enlist some of the factors you need to keep in account while purchasing an ASMR mic.

1- Type of Microphone

You would usually come across two types of microphones on the market, the condensers and dynamic. The mechanism of these mics is different and hence they have different characteristics. To keep things simple, we would not explain their mechanism and characteristics. All you need to know is that condenser microphones are more sensitive than dynamic microphones.

Now because in most ASMR videos one cannot afford to miss any detail, sensitivity is really important. Since the condenser microphones have high sensitivities they make excellent ASMR mics. That said, it does not mean dynamic mics cannot be used for ASMR microphones. There are times when dynamic should be preferred but most of the time condenser mics would work well for you.

2- Frequency Response

It is basically the response of the mic at different frequencies. Mics have wide frequency ranges but it does not mean their response would also be wide. Only a good microphone would have a wide and flat response at different frequencies. Some microphones would excel at lower frequencies and some at higher.

For ASMR, you need to look for microphones that provide a consistent, wide, and flat response at lower frequencies. As we discussed earlier, it is the lower frequencies that produce those tingling sensations. And the microphone that can record the low frequencies to detail would produce exceptional ASMR audio.

3- Polar Pattern

When you look for a sensitive microphone do not forget to take its polar pattern into an account. If the microphone is highly sensitive but has only an omnidirectional pattern it would backfire. In addition to recording the subject, it will capture the noise from the surroundings as well.

To avoid this, make sure the mic also has a cardioid polar pattern. It will provide off-axis rejection which will keep the audio clear of noise and distortion.

4- Accessories

Accessories do not come cheap and it is not even the key problem. The actual problem is the compatibility of accessories with the mic. Thus, to save yourself from all the trouble go with the microphone that comes with all the accessories. It would spare you the hassle of finding the right accessories for your microphone.

5- Headphone Jack

The headphone jack is a useful feature and it can help you improve the audio in real-time. You can monitor the recording and make amends at the spot. It would be great if the microphone that you are getting has a headphone jack on it.

Conclusion – Best ASMR Microphone

ASMR microphones come in all sizes and shapes. Be it condenser or dynamic, USB or XLR, cardioid or omnidirectional, all of them can serve as ASMR microphones. It all comes down to you and how well you have figured out your needs. We have enlisted some of the best ASMR microphones and factors that make them best in this article.

We hope this has helped you in finding the best ASMR microphone or in narrowing down your options. This is all that we had on the best ASMR microphone. If there is anything that you want to add or ask about the best ASMR microphone, let us know in the given section. We would love to respond. Thank you!

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