Rockville Microphone Review (Is it Worth Buying in 2024?)

Not many mics that come under 50$ get the same treatment from audiences as Rockville’s RCMO2. In fact, most professionals would not even bother to try a product as cheap as it is. But, the quality of RCMO2 has left both the studio owners and critics in awe.

Some are even calling it a masterpiece. A lot of hype has been built around it but the question is if the mic is really that good. Or it is just a bubble that would burst anytime. We would try to figure it out in this Rockville Microphone Review.

Specification Table – Rockville Mic Review

For starters, let’s take a look at the specifications of the microphone. It gives a decent idea of what can you expect from it.

Connectivity TechnologyWired
Polar PatternUnidirectional
Item weight380 grams
Signal to Noise Ratio24 dB
Impedance200 Ohm
Noise Level24 dB
Phantom Power48V DC
Sensitivity-29 dB +-2dB
Frequency Response30 Hz – 20 kHz
Max SPL126 dB
Self-Noise18 dB

It surely does not look like a specification table of mic that comes under 50$. And it is exactly what has made it the talk of the town.

The million-dollar question is if these specifications actually translate into performance. To find out we put this mic under several tests and would let you know the findings in detail in this Rockville Microphone Review.


  • Consistent warm response at the entire frequency spectrum
  • Robust construction
  • Decent Sensitivity
  • Excellent noise reduction mechanisms
  • Comes at a cheap price
  • Minimal Self Noise
  • Steady accessories


  • Broadband rejection is not available
  • Cannot handle loud sounds

Construction and Design- Rockville Condenser Mic Review

Rockville has used Aluminum to build this unit which is a solid and robust material. It also adds a bit of weight to it and gives a premium touch. The overall construction is sturdy and every component is perfectly fitted in the unit.

I have found it to be very durable. Believe me, I have dropped from waist height multiple times but it didn’t sustain much damage. Sure, there were a few scratches here and there but it remained functional nonetheless.

Rockville Microphone Review

As for the look, I am afraid I cannot say the same. I would not hesitate to say that the company has overdone this one. I personally liked the design of MC01 better. That said, it is my personal and subjective opinion.

Some may even like it more than MC01 and if you happen to be one of them, go rock! All that matters is your choices and preferences for the design. The bottom line is it is a durable product, stronger than any other mic within the same price bracket.

Performance – Rockville Condenser Mic Review

The best method to gauge the performance of a microphone is to put it under extreme tests and see how it holds under stress. We have done exactly that. We have subjected it too loud noises, whispers, high and low-note vocals, and much more. And to be honest, it really has outperformed my expectations.

Let me be clear that the performance of this microphone is in no way comparable to microphones that cost hundreds of bucks. But it certainly provides a performance tier above its price tag.

Frequency Response

As discussed above in the Rockville microphone review, it has a dynamic range of 30 Hz to 20KHz. It may not seem extraordinary as pretty much all the microphones in this price bracket come with the same range. What sets it apart is how consistent and flat it responds at different frequencies.

Usually, mics in this range have a very inconsistent response and are not flat at times. Fortunately, it is not the case with this one. It mostly provides a warm and full response on the entire spectrum.

Though there are some points where you experience bass boost. You would see it at 80Hz-90Hz and 10kHz-15KHz regions. But it is expected, in fact, you would experience it even in high-end microphones.

This consistent and warm response makes it an ideal option for vocal recording. You would get a consistent, balanced, rich, and warm response from the microphone.


Rockville microphone is decently sensitive at 29 dB which falls in the category of “Good Microphones”.  Human whisper is about 29 dB as well. And in our tests for Rockville microphone review we tried whisper on it as well. It was quick to pick up and delivered a fairly clear output.

While working with microphones as sensitive as this you need to be careful about your surroundings. You need to make sure there is no disturbance around as it can bring noise to the output.

Interference Rejection

Sadly, the microphone is not well-equipped to eliminate the interference around it. You do get certain static in the output when you have a radio or magnetic device around.

This should not come as a bummer as there is so much one can expect in this price tag. Nonetheless, you would have to switch off the broadband devices in the room to get noise-free results.

Noise Rejection

Several mechanisms are in place to maximize the noise rejection in this product. As discussed in the Rockville Microphone review, it features a cardioid polar pattern. Such patterns have built-in off-axis rejection.

The mic only picks up the source that points directly toward it. The sound waves from other sources do not make it into the microphone. Hence, the audio you get is clear of all the noises from the surroundings.

The cardioid pattern on the microphone is true as well unlike some other products in this price bracket. It is things like these that set it apart from the microphones in its tier.

Furthermore, the mic has minimal self-noise which contributes to clearer and sharper audio as well. Accessories like shock mounts and windshields also help with it. These accessories absorb unwanted and unintentional shocks and eliminate undesired bass boosts in the audio.

The impedance of the mic is also desirable. It lets you work with even relatively large cables without producing much distortion in the audio. The only thing you need to be careful about is the broadband devices which we already discussed in the Rockville MC03 Review.

To sum up this section of the Rockville MC03 review, you have only a few things to worry about. The mic is good enough to block most of the unwanted noise. And those that somehow make it in the audio do not take much time in post-production to edit out.

Maximum SPL

Maximum SPL defines the capability of the microphone to handle loud sounds. Unfortunately, it is not an area where it shines. Although the company has not made any claims, we decided to put it under loud noise.

Drums were used for Rockville mic review and as expected the output came out distorted. The mic performed fairly decently with acoustic guitars though.

Who Is It For? – Rockville RCM03 Microphone Review

We usually recommend budget microphones to beginners. However, it is not the case with this one. After Rockville RCM03 Microphone Review, I believe it is good enough to suit both newcomers and professionals alike. Sure, it has some limits as discussed in the Rockville MC03 review but is there any mic that does not?

I think it would make an excellent choice for voiceover artists, vocalists, and podcasters. It can work with certain instruments as well provided that they are not stentorian. It does not have bells and whistles attached to it but it is effective.

Conclusion – Rockville RCM03 Condenser Microphone Review

From the discussion in Rockville RCM03 Condenser Microphone Review, it is fair to conclude that the microphone lives up to the hype. It really is a great product that comes at a cheap price.

The microphone is suitable for both beginners alike. It is great at capturing faint sounds and gives a warm and rich output. Vocalists and voiceover artists would find it delightful to have it in their gears.

I have been working in the industry long enough to have a good eye for products. And this product has impressed me beyond my expectations. I would recommend everybody who does not work with loud sounds to have it in their gear.

So, folks, this is all that I had on the Rockville Microphone Review. I hope this has cleared up all the queries. In case there is something you want to add or ask, let us know in the given section. We would love to respond. Thank you!

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